Parent testimonials

“We first got ABC Reading Eggs last year for our older son who was struggling slightly with his reading. He did really enjoy it and caught up at school, [then] his younger brother, then 3, really got hooked. Before Christmas last year [my youngest] knew maybe five letters. By Easter he knew them all and had started reading. It shocked us all and the teaching staff. He is in reception now and is far ahead with his reading skills for his age. My daughter, now 2, is showing an interest and knows several letters already. I know there are cheaper and free websites out there but this one works for us. It’s a case of ABC Reading Eggs winning over TV every time.” – Kate H.

“I subscribed for a free trial of ABC Reading Eggs for my kids, and they absolutely LOVED it. Thank you for this program! It has helped IMMENSELY!” – Lanna C.

“We LOVE ABC Reading Eggs! My child is reading so much better. Your program has also helped her confidence greatly!” – Jessica R.

“Thanks ABC Reading Eggs, my son is making fantastic progress with your program. Best money spent ever!” – S. Brown

“I just wanted to thank you for such a great product. My daughter has just got her reading test results from school. She is at the reading age of 9. She’s not even 8 yet. I strongly believe that it has to do with the fact that she started ABC Reading Eggs.” – Jenni M.

“We have had wonderful experiences using ABC Reading Eggs. Our 6-year-old didn’t really care to do any reading, but the ways in which things were taught turned things on for her. [I] can’t wait to continue. We use it in our curriculum each day and it has become an important part of our program.” – Sharon T., Homeschooler

ABC Reading Eggs has been tremendous in helping my son not only learn his letters but jump start the reading process. After a failed first year of Kindergarten, this has really been a blessing to us. I have been amazed at the progress he continues to make with this program.” – Marsha

“Thank you sooooo much! I’d just like to take this opportunity to say ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds are awesome! My boys both have a host of medical conditions and as such, my older son’s attendance at school is poor. However, as a teacher I know he’s not failing academically as he should be but rather thriving academically instead and I apportion a large part of this success to your program.” – Desiree

“I just wanted to let you know how absolutely fantastic your program is. My son is 4 and was expressing anxiety and reluctance to attend school because he said the reading was “too hard”. We began him on ABC Reading Eggs and the difference has been amazing. He is now so much more confident and happy about learning. His teacher has noticed a real difference in his reading. [He] is happy to sit down every day to do his lessons. He never expresses any reluctance or unwillingness and he has learned so much. I am constantly amazed at the inventiveness of the program and the way it keeps the child constantly engaged.” – Dr D. Joseph

“My 4-year-old loves ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds […] He asks to do it every day and it keeps him occupied while I tackle subjects with my older kids.” – Celena

“My 6-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter love ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress. I love that they’re getting a variety of language arts activities (similes, main idea, spelling, etc.), and that they can spend “healthy” time on the computer. I have and will continue to recommend ABC Reading Eggs to my friends.” – Mickelle, Homeschooler

“I am beyond pleased and impressed with ABC Reading Eggs. My daughter had absolutely no interest in reading. It frustrated her even trying to learn letter sounds. One week with the free trial and she’s already starting to read. Phenomenal program. Will be subscribing at the end of the trial period. Definitely.” – Jessica Durant

“My daughter has anxiety and thinks she can’t read, even though she can when she forgets that she ‘can’t’. ABC Reading Eggs is so fun that she forgets she ‘can’t’ and is really strengthening her skills.” – Katie Newton

“This program is CLEVER! My son, who had zero interest in sitting down to learn how to read, was excited to play the game. He loved the songs and watching to see what crazy creature would hatch from his eggs. The learning games are solid; they do all the things a great reading instructor would do but with excellent graphics. I have encouraged everyone I know who has a child learning to read to try it out, and I bought a second subscription for my daughter. My son now reads like a champ…and LIKES it. Thank you, ABC Reading Eggs!” – Cynthia, Homeschooler

“My 4-year-old loves to have his computer time with ABC Reading Eggs. He cant wait for that time of the day to come. He has learned a lot and can read three-letter words, knows beginning sounds and rhyming words. I get reports after he takes the quizzes that tell me how he is progressing. I can reset the level if he need more practice on something before advancing also. I highly recommend this product.” – Gwen K.

ABC Reading Eggs has tremendously helped my child progress in reading. It has been a great addition to our curriculum. My child finds the lessons engaging and I like the bright colors and updated graphics. I have looked at other reading programs but the graphics seemed washed, outdated and my child seem uninterested to complete the lessons.” – Talieeya Davis, Homeschooler

“I really want to thank ABC Reading Eggs for such a fantastic program. My son, then 4, started ABC Reading Eggs 12 months ago. Comparing to when he began, he could just recognise the alphabet and very simple words. Now he has just turned 5 and reads books very confidently! He really enjoyed the simple-to-use interface and was always keen to spend time doing ABC Reading Eggs. He logged into ABC Reading Eggs most days and after one year, had completed most of the lessons. Whether we sat with him and supervised or whether independently, we were amazed at how powerful the learning tools were. ABC Reading Eggs very thoroughly took him through all the facets of the English language and gave him the confidence to become a really good reader. We wanted to drop you this note to express our appreciation for this program and to encourage other parents to take up this same opportunity. ” – Alistair

“My children love ABC Reading Eggs. They enjoy learning to read and spell with the lessons. My son struggled with other phonics programs. But he loved ABC Reading Eggs. Opening a new egg after each lesson kept him motivated to finish the program. My daughter loved the Skills Bank part of the program. She was glad ABC Reading Eggs had a spelling section.” – L. Taylor

“My child LOVES ABC Reading Eggs! This program has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. We tried two other popular reading programs and while they were fun, just didn’t translate to my child becoming a reader. He’s a reluctant reader, capable but frustrates easily. With ABC Reading Eggs I have never witnessed an ounce of frustration, just watched my son having fun. And even better – I’ve watched him start to read in such a natural progression that is a beautiful thing to watch. Thank you, ABC Reading Eggs!” – C. Bryant

“My Year 1 son truly enjoys his time on ABC Reading Eggs. It has helped him in particular with sight words, word families, fluency, and confidence. He loves to hatch his new characters and collect the golden eggs. The beginning evaluation accurately placed him at the correct level, allowing him to be successful and challenged.” – Anne S.

ABC Reading Eggs is simply amazing […] My kids simply loved it. Within two months my son is reading fluently (just started Year 2), and the younger one, who is in Kindergarten, is reading three- to four-letter words already.” – Umm Bilal

ABC Reading Eggs has been a terrific addition to our homeschool. Each of my three kids aged 3, 5 and 7 beg me to let them play and I think that is how ABC Reading Eggs really differs from the others; it is not a chore for them to be using it. After they complete their lessons, they are then allowed to play in the extra [learning areas] and games which gives them an incentive to finish the lessons well. They are learning their letters and the sounds they make to reading small words in as little as ten minutes a day. My two smallest are now able to recognise words in their own books that we read, and my 7-year-old has learned to read fluently solely from ABC Reading Eggs. I have to put a limit on how much time they are allowed to be on ABC Reading Eggs, or they will be on there all day. I will continue to use ABC Reading Eggs for many years to come and cannot recommend it highly enough.” – Amanda B.

ABC Reading Eggs is great for my preschool-aged child who is just learning to read, and for my 6-year-old fluent reader. My younger child is engaged by the lessons and also motivated by the games and rewards. A surprise benefit is that his computer and keyboard skills are improving. My 6-year-old uses ABC Reading Eggs for her spelling and basic grammar. She is working on her sequencing and creative writing skills by composing stories in ABC Reading Eggs. Even the games develop reading, maths and logic skills. I really see this as a program we can use from preschool through Year 3 with academic benefit.” – Jennifer Ware

“My 7-year-old son has learning challenges in the area of reading and resists reading. He took to ABC Reading Eggs immediately and has never complained about doing the program. He loves the variety of activities and especially earning the characters. He is making good progress with his skills. Today we sat down to read a new book and I was having him read all the words that didn’t overwhelm him in length. He protested that this was a Level 2 reader and was very pleased when I told him that he is now reading at that level. I am very pleased with this program and it is very affordable.” – Becky M.

“My son is 4. I really didn’t think he was old enough to start a phonics program but I figured if it was fun and engaging for him it couldn’t hurt. I didn’t have very high expectations. He went from having no phonics knowledge to reading in about a month! ABC Reading Eggs is so fun for him, he asks to do it nearly every day. He loves the egg reward system too; when he completes enough lessons he gets to go ‘shopping’ in the Store for game items. The songs are so catchy, my husband and myself wind up singing them too. I highly recommend this program to all my friends with young children. This is the best online program we have found for phonics!” – J. Thornburg

“I just want to say what a blessing ABC Reading Eggs has been for my 5-year-old boy. He was becoming very resistant to sitting with me and doing our regular phonics program. It wasn’t fun to him and with four other children to home-school it was difficult for me to spend a lot of time coming up with activities to keep his attention. He was starting to think that learning to read was a bad thing! Enter ABC Reading Eggs! WOW, what an amazing program. He absolutely loves learning to read now. As an added benefit he now wants to use our regular phonics program to show me what he has learned in ABC Reading Eggs. I really like that ABC Reading Eggs makes repetition fun. I’m also pleased with how the program ensures that concepts are understood and cemented before allowing the child to move on. As the person responsible for my child’s education, knowing that my child is using ABC Reading Eggs makes me confident that he is learning. ABC Reading Eggs was able to accomplish in a few days what I had trouble teaching in twice that time. I will definitely be using ABC Reading Eggs for this child for at least the next couple of years and I have a 2-year-old that I will be using it with for a long time too. I am so pleased with this program and have told everyone I know with age appropriate children about it. I don’t recommend programs often but this is one that I will always encourage people to use. Thank you for a wonderful product!” – A. Oakes, Homeschooler

“My 5-year-old daughter loves this program. She has wanted to work on reading for some time, but hasn’t really enjoyed other programs and at-home methods we have tried. In her first few days with ABC Reading Eggs she made remarkable progress, and she “plays” it almost every day, mostly independently. She balances her time between the lessons, and using her rewards to customise her virtual house. The lessons use brief, arcade-style activities to reinforce the learning, and the child earns rewards for participation at every step. The rewards can be spent on in-game games or items for the child’s avatar or cartoon house. The lessons seem to combine classic phonics with word recognition through repetition. It keeps her very engaged, and she asks for help when she feels challenged by a topic. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a raw beginner or an emerging reader.” – Mary H.

ABC Reading Eggs has been the best purchase for our homeschool this year. Our 8-year-old dyslexic son loves and learns from this visually exciting program. It has helped his reading and also his writing as he has started his own ‘Reading Eggs’ story book! He draws his own map, creates characters for each level and writes a story for each one. Amazing!” – Edyth N.

“We LOVE ABC Reading Eggs! My son is 5 and had previously demonstrated only a little bit of interest in learning to read. He would get easily frustrated when we tried to read simple early reader books. Well, we gave ABC Reading Eggs a try, and it has been a HUGE hit! He loves the games, he loves earning more eggs, he loves advancing to a new level – it’s been great! It provides just the right amount of challenge for him; he is learning SO much and yet the frustration level is very low, which is perfect for my budding perfectionist. His father and I are quite honestly shocked and amazed at how FAST he is learning to read, and he is surprising us all the time recognising real words out and about in the real world. Not only that, but did I mention that my son LOVES to play? I’ve never once had to ask him to do it. Every time I remind him that it’s there, he jumps on the opportunity. In fact, I often have to ask him to finish up, because he wants to keep playing and learning longer than I expect! In summary, we just LOVE the program, and I would recommend it highly to all my friends.” – Chessa

“My daughter is 4 years old and is learning to read. We purchased ABC Reading Eggs to supplement her learning and have absolutely no regrets. At the beginning, the child takes a placement test, so they can begin at the correct level and not be bored or frustrated. I find this extremely helpful. Not only is ABC Reading Eggs educational, but it is really fun. My child especially likes earning golden eggs as she completes tasks (these can be used to purchase items inside the game). The characters and songs are silly and fun, while the tasks are challenging and progressively more difficult. We have used several free and trial subscriptions to other phonics programs, but ABC Reading Eggs has by far been our favourite. I would recommend it to any parent looking for a fun way to reinforce phonics lessons.” – Flora, Homeschooler

“I am amazed and how much my 3-year-old is learning with ABC Reading Eggs! He can identify all of his letters and knows their sounds. At the rate he’s learning, he’ll be reading by Kindergarten. He LOVES to play it and views it as fun, not work. He had never used a computer before trying ABC Reading Eggs, but it’s presented in a way that is intuitive for him, as he can work his way through it on his own. He was even using the mouse like a pro after the first day!” – R. Martz

“My girls love ABC Reading Eggs! They are eager to go to their map and crack their egg to see what hatches. I love the variety of lessons it offers.” – Mom of four girls, Homeschooler

“My 5-year-old son loves ABC Reading Eggs. He was completely resistant to learning to read and within a month after using ABC Reading Eggs, he is reading words everywhere we go.” – Cindy, Homeschooler

“My daughter loves ABC Reading Eggs! She is so excited by the progress she has made through the site. She enjoys the games and is learning so much. I highly recommend it. It is great for learning phonics and letter sounds. The games are fun and educational. We will continue to use ABC Reading Eggs until she is reading on her own!” – Alycia A.

ABC Reading Eggs is great for my son. He is a reluctant reader and has resisted every other product we have tried. He uses this one regularly without too many complaints. It’s really working for him.” – Steven

“My preschooler LOVES ABC Reading Eggs. She considers it a treat to get to play. She has made it through two levels so far and just keeps trucking. This is much more comprehensive and child-friendly than any other software or site we have used to date. I just wish this had been around when my older son was learning to read. I have recommended this program to several of my friends and plan to use it well into the future.” – Jacqueline Chappell

“As a busy mum of a child who is struggling to get a handle on the strange world of written English, ABC Reading Eggs is an absolute godsend and I am truly grateful to you guys for putting so much thought into creating this fantastic program. The songs make us all laugh. I have two older boys who I can’t keep away from the computer when my first grader is on it so I am going to join them up as well! Keep doing what you are doing, you must enjoy it because it really shows.” – Mel

“This has been so great for my son in preschool who needed something visual and exciting for learning and remembering his letters. His teacher tested his alphabet today and told me he knew 15. Last time she tested he knew two. I am so pleased and he has only been using the program for three days!” – Maree

“Our speaking-delayed son is loving ABC Reading Eggs and is adding lots of new words to his sight and spoken vocabulary daily. He has earned over 9000 eggs – that is a lot of lessons completed. He is confidently navigating around the map selecting lessons and the extra activities – all independently. I have recommended ABC Reading Eggs to his preschool teacher and other parents.” – Brian

“[My son] often does the lessons with his younger brother, and I often hear them having a good laugh at various times when they are doing the lessons. I would like to pass on my thanks to all involved in the development of this product, I know it has made learning to read online a lot of fun!” – Julie

“I just want to thank you for such a wonderful program. I discovered ABC Reading Eggs at the beginning of this year and started my daughter on it just before she commenced preschool. She loved it so much that she took one of the books in to school to read to her teacher. Her teacher was amazed. Over a very short period my daughter went from having no reading knowledge other than the alphabet and her name to reading at a Year 2 level. I have shared ABC Reading Eggs with a lot of parents and will continue to do so. Thank you once again! ” – Mel

“This program is great. My 5-year-old was struggling with learning to read at school. After a couple of weeks on ABC Reading Eggs I can see her progress. With her school readers she was memorising the words, however with ABC Reading Eggs she is actually learning letter-sound combinations and the experience is fun. Today she said to me, ‘I want to use the computer every night before I go to bed. Learning is fun!’ Two mornings ago we read four of your little [print] books in bed. It used to be a struggle to read one of her school readers. Thanks again.” – Nicole

“Our son commenced ABC Reading Eggs about 12 to 18 months prior to going to school. He is in a combined Kindergarten/Year 1 class. I am telling you this to let you know that our son is the top reader in his class of 26 children! We don’t push him at all, HE pushes us as he WANTS to read ALL the time. Our son is intelligent, determined, and concentrates and focuses extremely well. However, we attribute his desire to read and his enjoyment of reading to ABC Reading Eggs. One of our hopes for our children is a relatively smooth path through school, and ABC Reading Eggs has at least started our son along that path. We sincerely thank you for devising such a program that our son enjoyed so very much. It has made reading fun and motivated him to read more and more. Reading is such a wonderful gift, and it is so comforting to us that our son will be able to immerse himself in different worlds and experience the thrill of learning. We will certainly be starting our 3-year-old on the path to ABC Reading Eggs very soon. We have informed the school about ABC Reading Eggs […] and hope that they will introduce it into the school soon. We can’t rave about this program enough – it truly is fantastic.” – Alex & Graham

“I am so thrilled to have found this program. My son thoroughly enjoys it. I can see a huge improvement in his reading. Thank you.” – Neena

“I’m loving ABC Reading Eggs. I am a primary teacher and the mother of a 3-year-old. Two years ago I discovered your program and mentioned it to some parents who were working with their own children at home, but it wasn’t until I started my son on it, about a month ago, that I discovered what a comprehensive and truly effective program it really is. My son is already reading CVC and some CCVC/CVCC words easily along with quite a number of sight words. Thank you.” – Gilliane

“[My son] is 4 and has been using ABC Reading Eggs for a month or so now. He has progressed to Lesson 44 and loves the program. His reading ability has advanced very quickly and we are all very happy. We are always encouraging him and purchasing books in the real belief that the whole language approach to reading is the best. Your program incorporates this philosophy as well as the important basic phonics to encourage reading skills. This was the best [money] I have ever spent. Thank you. ” – Richard

“This is excellent. Given the choice my son would choose ABC Reading Eggs over Mario Cart. Take that as a big compliment. Thanks and keep up the great work.” – Chris

“Thank you ABC Reading Eggs for a brilliant program. My son is 9 years old with the reading ability of a 5-year-old. I have purchased the Book Packs and the Activity Books and he is coming on well. He loves the program to the extent that he spends hours on it. Thank you for a wonderful program.” – Michelle

“Both of my boys take great pleasure in the ABC Reading Eggs program. I take great pleasure in seeing them take great pleasure. It is an educational experience which not only enhances their reading skills but their computer skills also. Thank you. I am greatly impressed.” – Vanessa

“Our son was introduced to ABC Reading Eggs through his school. He has always been a boy who loves to spend hours pouring over comic books and other books that interest him. Since beginning ABC Reading Eggs, this passion has only increased, and his confidence and eagerness to read (and do the lessons), has grown even more. Thank you for producing such a fun, bright, clever, educational and colourful resource. It’s something we love to do together, and we look forward to the weeks and months ahead (and to introducing our younger son to it too).” – Kerry

“I find that ABC Reading Eggs is a great backup for my 6-year-old in Year 1; we do school through distance education, so I am the teacher, and find this program a great backup to what we are doing in English. It is a constructive program where she feels that she is playing and learning, and I have noticed a good improvement in her ability to hear letter sounds in words. Thanks for the work you put into this program.” – Wendy

“Hi, my son started ABC Reading Eggs about six months ago when he was 2. He is now on Map 6 and can read basic books, which is great. The other benefit of the program (aside from him teaching himself to read at age 2) is that he is so completely addicted that we can get him to do anything else simply by threatening a day without ABC Reading Eggs.” – Kate

ABC Reading Eggs is excellent and we were delighted that our daughter learned to read in less than six months and was way ahead of her peers in Kindergarten when assessed. We are always recommending it to other parents.” – Angela

“[I] wanted to let you know that I am a home schooling parent and I absolutely love your program. My son has advanced so much in his reading in the last few weeks since we have started using ABC Reading Eggs and he absolutely loves it! Thank you for your great program.” – Sharee

“Just wanted to say how wonderful I think ABC Reading Eggs is! I have two children, 5 and 7, who beg me to play on your program constantly. With so much junk on the net its great to be able to avoid it all and send my kids to the computer knowing how much they can learn and play with ABC Reading Eggs!” – Amy

“I’ve just purchased a 12 month subscription to ABC Reading Eggs for my two children (3 and 7.) We’ve been doing the free trial for a week and I am very impressed with the program. They both absolutely love it and I am particularly amazed at how much my 3-year-old has learned in a week. I’m a primary school teacher and think the program is exceptionally well designed.” – Sue

“Firstly, thank you. your program is helping both my little boys learn to read, and love doing it. It is excellent, and to have my 3-year-old read a book to me is magical. The self-esteem boost it has given to my very bright, but not very motivated 5-year-old is amazing, so thank you.” – Helen

“[I] am on a free trial of ABC Reading Eggs and I think it is brilliant. My 4-year-old son LOVES it and I shall certainly be purchasing a subcription in a few weeks time! This is a great program and I shall be recommending it to friends.” – Rebecca

“I absolutely love ABC Reading Eggs. [My son] is only just 4 and he is doing so well with his reading. I never thought it possible to be honest! He loves it too. The first thing he says in the morning is ‘Can we do Reading Eggs please?’!” – Della

“Olivia is 4 and this is what she has to say about ABC Reading Eggs: ‘Thank you for Reading Eggs. Thank you for the lovely games and thank you to Karen for getting it for me. I really like the stamping game with the boxes that have some letters right and some letters wrong it is so much fun.’” – Peta

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been an amazing experience watching my 5-year-old really enjoy reading and having such fun. I fully intend to share your program with other parents! Thanks you so much.” – Anna Marie

“[My son] is on Map 9 and has been learning a lot of words. He can now read books almost all by himself. He was also able to jump up to Kindergarden instead of staying in preschool. He loves ABC Reading Eggs very much and plays on it all the time. We recommend it to everybody he sees. He even plays on it in the morning. Thanks a lot.” – Vivian

“We have just started a free trial period using your program. WOW! My 5-year-old little girl is having so much fun, and learning at the same time. She is actually reading! Thank you so much for an amazing learning experience.” – Cath

“At first we thought that this is not suitable for our child. After we purchased it, my girl was so happy. She was online for hours playing and learning. Each day when she came home from school, she would go to the computer and switch it on and try to do by herself. There’s a lot of improvement. The most important thing is, she can read! I have no regrets purchasing ABC Reading Eggs. I will recommend them to my friends.” – Hayati

“I just wanted to let you know that since using ABC Reading Eggs, my son’s reading at school has gone up three levels. He was having some trouble with new words but now shows confidence in sounding them out and giving it a go. My daughter is nearly 5 and will start preschool next year, and she also loves ABC Reading Eggs.” – Bev

“I have been using ABC Reading Eggs with my 4-year-old boy for a month now. It is a fantastic program and has completely removed any anxiety about progress and motivation in his reading. He loves doing the lessons and his progress is significant. After Lesson 9 he read his first book and is able to tackle his school books. More important I have complete confidence that this is helping to equip him with the skills he needs to feel able to cope in school, despite being one of the youngest. Thank you so much. I would advise any one to invest in this program. It is money well spent!” – Joanne

“Hi, this has been a great discovery for all the children in our family! We have 6-year old twins who have improved so much within the two week trial and they love it. We also have a 3-year-old who is eager to get started. Once again, thanks for all your hard work, the program is truly wonderful.” – Marion

“Great program, my son loves it. He is 5, and he is already familiar with his letters, so this is a great start for words and small sentences. I think he dreams of his eggs; he gets me up early to log in.” – Mohamed

ABC Reading Eggs is real fun. My daughter loves playing. It’s easy, fun and interactive. Thanks for all of you who put great effort into this.” – Valli

“Thank you so much. [We] have just tried ABC Reading Eggs and my son is beside himself, he just loves it!” – Alison

“Hi This is great. My [5-year-old] son loves it.” – Dianne

“My son is just loving ABC Reading Eggs. I love the fact that you have to accumulate the eggs in order to purchase games.” – Mary

“This is a very fantastic and educative program. My son is 5 years old and he is using ABC Reading Eggs regularly, and doing very well. Keep up the good work and well done.” – Suitha

“My children are absolutely loving this program. Having used a number of online reading programs, I have to say that ABC Reading Eggs is the most impressive by far. I will be sure to pass the word.” – Craig

“I just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic program. My kids love it! I have passed your website onto four friends already and their children seem to have the bug too. Thank you and well done on a fantastic program.” – Sarah, Adam and Sian

“My son LOVES ABC Reading Eggs and is up to Lesson 15. Thanks!” – Lena

“I’d like to tell you that my 5-year-old preschooler loves ABC Reading Eggs, and thus so do I! You’ve set up an amazing learning resource – so well thought out, well presented, fun, engaging and I think it will prove to be successful in its aim to teach children to read.” – Ali

“I just wanted to say a big thank you. My son has been struggling with his reading. He is in Year 1 and nothing seems to hold his interest. By chance we came across your website last night and he couldn’t have been more engrossed, [I] had trouble getting him away from the computer. First thing this morning he was ready to go back on the program again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Emily

ABC Reading Eggs is incredible! My daughter can’t get enough of the activities, she enjoys them so much. We had to turn the computer off because she was getting tired. In just THREE days she started reading the most basic of words. Thank you so much ABC Reading Eggs.” – Arthur

“I’m so impressed with ABC Reading Eggs, it has really captured [my son’s] imagination and he loves winning eggs to buy the games. It’s such a good program on many levels because not only is [he] learning to read and recognise sounds, but he is also using mathematical skills to buy the games and work things out. Well done!” – Katie

“My 5-year-old son has enjoyed the ABC Reading Eggs program immensely. I have been amazed at what he has picked up in such a short time. The program is amazing. Charlie has especially enjoyed the games and collecting the little critters. To all of the people who have been involved in making this program, congratulations – it really is a success.” – Donna

“What a fantastic concept. Thank you so much for making learning to read so enjoyable for our 4-year-old. I imagine a lot of passion and energy has been put into ABC Reading Eggs.” – Frances

“Finn is really enjoying ABC Reading Eggs and asks to go on everyday, its brilliant. Thank you.” – Jackie

“What a fantastic program! My 5-year-old son’s letter recognition has excelled since using ABC Reading Eggs and he loves collecting the eggs.” – Wendy

“We bought the [ABC Reading Eggs] flashcards and four Activities Books today; my son is very keen to get started on the books.” – Belinda

“I think ABC Reading Eggs is fantastic. My 5-year-old loves it. I have recommended [it] to lots of people I know with kids the same age. I think about six kids at least have registered since I gave their parents the website. Everyone who I know who has used the program thinks it’s great.” – Claudine

“My son is loving ABC Reading Eggs. You seem to have the mix of exercises, repetition and motivation pretty well spot on.” – Denise

“Congrats on an excellent product that has my 4-year-old son totally addicted. He will play up to three hours at a time and in the morning he wakes up and asks if he can do ABC Reading Eggs.” – Nicola

“[My daughter] recognises words, knows all her letters now, is more interested in reading books and loves going to the library now. [She] spends more time looking at the words in books and trying to read them instead of just flipping through looking at the pictures.” – Callum

“Both my kids have been registered (aged 6 and almost 4). Both kids loooove ABC Reading Eggs. They have Book Pack 1 at home but they want to do it online too. We are completely addicted to our ABC Reading Eggs and it is regularly used as a reward for being good.” – Rachael

“Oh my god! For anyone waiting for reading recovery at your local school like I have for the past two terms in a private school with a child with a language disorder – don’t bother! Thankyou ABC Reading Eggs, you are the happy ending to a distressed mother wanting help for her son to learn how to read!” – Josephine

“My son has just completed his first certificate and reached the gold level on the first try without any assistance. He is in preschool and is 5 years old. He keeps complaining that school is too hard yet looks forward to coming home and doing his ‘egg cracking’. Thank you so much, this has helped us no end. My 2-year-old is also wanting to start ‘cracking eggs’ and is looking over her brother’s shoulder attempting words – what a great head start for school.” – Cellina

“I have been using the ABC Reading Eggs program with my 5-year-old son for a month now and it’s FANTASTIC. I have just purchased the books, activity books and flashcards for my students that I work with as a special needs teacher in a primary school, who are struggling readers. They LOVE it too (boys!). Thanks for your help and thanks for an AWESOME program for engaging, unenthusiastic and young readers!!!” – Erin

“My 5-year-old son loves ABC Reading Eggs. I often have a hard time getting him to stop doing the lessons! He has ‘bought’ five games by collecting golden eggs and gotten three certificates of which he is very proud. All in all a brilliant program. Keep up the great work.” – Monica

“Just a short note to let you know that we think your ABC Reading Eggs program is terrific! Zac is only 5 and does everything totally on his own – it is so easy for him to navigate and he has a lot of fun doing the lessons. Thank you!” – Sue

“I am a director of a child care centre and also the mother of a 4-year-old. I have recommended this program to all the parents at my centre and my friends. I have a 4-year-old who is very competent on the computer and also loves reading. ABC Reading Eggs has brought those two things together. It is so very age appropriate and I have not seen any software that even comes close to being as good (and I have seen many!). Well done, it is great!” – Mother/teacher

“Chloe is now confident to sound out letters and put them together to read the word. She is just so confident now … she loves this program.” – Dad

“My daughter has a short concentration span but would spend ages playing these games. Her ability to read has increased and her interest to try to learn to read has increased. She has always loved us reading to her but i have had difficulty in geting her to take an interest in reading – she loved ABC Reading Eggs.” – Tania

“My son who is 4 was not interested in sitting down with me to learn to read from books, although he loves to listen to me read. The computer-based program is the perfect avenue allowing us to spend one-on-one time together, and I can easily see what he understands and therefore give praise appropriately where it is due and encourage him where he stumbles. His keyboard skills have also increased and he asks daily to do his Reading Eggs!"” – Kerry

“Has a passion for learning now. ALWAYS writing strands of letters ALL day. Was NEVER interested no matter what we tried BEFORE ABC Reading Eggs. THANK YOU!!” – Brenda

“Thanks for the trial. We LOVE it. It’s really well designed and my daughter is having fun and learning a ton.” – Ellen

“Thank you so much, we are loving ABC Reading Eggs, and my daughter pleads with me every day to do it. Her love of books and the written word has gone to another level now, and the other day in preschool she received an honour certificate for showing an increased interest in words, reading and spelling. Which for us was also an indicator of how much she is loving this program. Normally with just me she would get frustrated, but with ABC Reading Eggs she is so keen and enthusiastic about the reading, the songs, the critters, the collecting of eggs and many more aspects of your program. Well done and keep up the fantastic work with such an important program.” – Lana

“Just want to say a HUGE thank you for your fabulous ABC Reading Eggs program. My daughter is 4 next month and it is simply amazing how quickly she is genuinely learning to read. It is great how easily ABC Reading Eggs teaches children to read. It takes any stress out of the learning process by making it fun. We have just had our second child, and I cannot tell you how great ABC Reading Eggs has been. While I feed the baby, our daughter navigates her way around the ABC Reading Eggs site, completing lessons and (her favourite bit) hatching critters! Thanks again.” – Anna

“[My child] keenly picks out letters and words that she recognises when we’re reading traditional books, and picks up things like word repetition on the page. She also talks about it and relates everyday things to ABC Reading Eggs; she may hear a word or phrase and say, ‘Mum, I learned that on my Reading Eggs.’” – Gina

“My son has severe dyspraxia involving verbal, fine and gross motor skills. Since starting school he has lost all confidence in learning literacy, and avoids any literacy activities like the plague. Not so with ABC Reading Eggs. It has given him much more than reading abilities. I can’t keep him off or get him to stop working on ABC Reading Eggs.” – Jody

“We have been using the ABC Reading Eggs program for a month now with our 5-year-old and she loves it. Her teacher has noticed the vast improvement in her sound skills.” – Suzanna

“I am a mum of five young boys, two of which enjoyed your program so much they would rush home from school to be the first one on […] The younger kids sit in amazement watching and listening as Sam the Ant sings and dances; he even gets my attention with his catchy rhymes. I just wanted to say what a brillant idea this program is. My 5-year-old now corrects his peers’ spelling (sometimes even mine!), so thanks for having it affordable so that a lot of chidren can benefit from it.” – Mum of five boys

“Thanks for [sending] Jaye’s progress report. Jaye loves ABC Reading Eggs and is responding so well. It’s a truly clever program. His dad and I are really thrilled with what he’s getting out of it. We printed off his first certificate for the Zoo Quiz and he was so proud of it. It’s a great keepsake to mark his progress.” – Jess

“What a wonderful program! I decided to use the free trial as an opporunity to test whether my 3-year-old, was ready to learn to read … and oh yes she was! She completed Map 1 with a gold certificate before she turned 3-and-a-half, and I am amazed at how much she has become aware of words. A couple of days ago while driving home, she excitedly yelled out ‘There’s a “the”, Mummy, on that sign!’ That was music to my ears! I now feel I am giving her quality time sitting with her while she completes her lessons (the housework can wait!). My 20-month-old also repeats everything she hears said on the program in the background, and I am sure she will also become addicted as much as we have when her time comes. Congratulations, and we look forward to a long commitment to your site!” – Vona

“My daughter is 6 and in Year 1 at school. She didn’t ‘get’ reading and I was beginning to really worry that we might have a problem. We have tried all manner of books, charts and extra help, but the progress was painfully slow, almost to the point of non-existence. A friend mentioned ABC Reading Eggs in passing [and] in a matter of weeks she is flying along like never before. She absolutely LOVES ABC Reading Eggs (as do her siblings) and asks to go on the computer morning, noon and night to do it. It’s such a lovely, colourful, fun, funny, and educational site, and the reward system of levels, eggs, certificates and games are so well thought out. I just wanted to say hurray and thank you. ” – Sanchia

“My son has high-functioning autism spectrum disorder and adores computers, therefore he is committed to your program and absorbs the content. My son’s ability to learn how to read is enhanced by his condition, and ABC Reading Eggs provides him with the tools he needs to achieve this. My son has a language and communication impairment and ABC Reading Eggs has also enhanced his speech and communication!! He laughs at the annimations and finds the lessons enjoyable and fun.” – Linda

“Thank you to ABC Reading Eggs – I had a 6-year-old boy who really battled with reading, and even opening a book was a challenge. Now both my 6-year-old and almost 4-year-old fight over who gets to do ABC Reading Eggs each afternoon. They love it. All of it. It is a well thought out, interactive, fast-paced program which my kids love. Thank you!!” – Racheal

“My daughter is 4 and a half, and wanted to learn to read. She has only been doing ABC Reading Eggs for less than a month, and yesterday she read the story at the end of lesson 16. She was actually sounding out the words and working out what they were. My husband couldn’t believe it (and I was shocked too). Thank you so much – your program is amazing. We will be telling everyone about this great reading tool.” – Jane

“What a great way to learn and have fun at the same time! My daughter is 4 and loves ABC Reading Eggs. She really enjoys seeing the eggs hatch into a new critter as a reward for completing each stage. Thank you all SO much, I will definitely recommend this to ALL of our friends!” – Nova

“Thanks ABC Reading Eggs for a fantastic product. After completing the free trial my 4-year old was hooked. My only problem was getting him to repeat lessons […] until I purchased a Book Pack. Suddenly the [printed] map and interaction with stickers had him repeating lessons 1 to 10 with no problems. I have now had my son read me his two “special” books from Book Pack 1 at bedtime rather than me read to him. What a wonderful accomplishment.” – Filomena

“I stumbled across this and thought I’d give [it] a try with my 4-year-old. After her first five lessons, she started pointing out letters and their sounds in books and during conversation. After the ten lessons, she proudly read her book to her Kindergarten class. Since then, a number of parents have asked about ABC Reading Eggs for their children; so impressed were they at how quickly she picked up sounds and words. It took just over a week! Thank you for such an easy-to-follow program, giving children success at all levels. She can’t wait to start the [next few lessons] – all she wants to do is her “egg games” every day. Now she’s started, we can’t stop her!!” – Kristine

“I am in awe of this program. [My daughter] had begun doing her sounds, consonants and joining words in pre-primary. At her new school they do not do this until Year 1, which will be next year, and I was worried she would forget what she had learned. Reading is such a huge component of our family life that I did not want her to lose interest or motivation to learn to read. She is loving ABC Reading Eggs and humbugs me constantly to do it. I sit with her while she does the lessons, but do not tell her what to do and let her make mistakes so that she learns from them. I am amazed at how quickly she picks things up and remembers what she has learned. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful and fun way to learn.” – Kim

“Well done ABC Reading Eggs! What a wonderful program. I have two daughters who have just turned 2 and 3 and they love ABC Reading Eggs. Because of their ages they have trouble using the laptop, but they can still do the lessons with my help. They point to the screen and I click on the things for them. My partner and I can’t believe how much they have learned in the past month. Thanks a million ABC Reading Eggs!!” – Ricki

“Thanks for this wonderful website. Our 6-year-old son missed [two months of school] this year […] We were assured it would be easy for him to catch up, but it proved to be a real mission. We were even told he would not be passing and would be kept back […] I wasn’t keen for that and was very worried about his confidence. Several parents at school mentioned ABC Reading Eggs. So I checked it out. It looked fun so I signed up for the free trial. He has been doing it for less than a week and his reading and phonics have improved so much in only a few days – it is nothing short of a miracle. Until now I didn’t know of any websites that could offer fun, advertising-free activities for learning. He is loving it, and to my surprise, he loves the games but much prefers the phonics and reading activities. The songs at the end of each lesson are funny and entertaining and we gather around to sing along and have a laugh. Congratulations to those behind the creation of this site – you’ve hit the jackpot […] Thank you so much.” – Nicole & Luca

“Just want to say this website is absolutely fantastic. I’m sure it won’t be long until it is standard practice for every child in Australia to learn to read this way! I have certainly be recommending it to all my friends with preschoolers. Thanks.” – Jo

“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your site is. My son is 3 and had been asking me to help him learn to read (as he already knew his alphabet). I tried your site and he has progressed at a rapid rate and now can read some sentences. I think you should put yourself forward for site design awards as the site is intuitive and allows children to develop mouse skills while they learn to read. I am very happy I came across ABC Reading Eggs. Well done! ” – Sharon

“Thanks ABC Reading Eggs for a wonderful service. My daughter is in Kindergarten and has really struggled to get a grasp of reading and has not really enjoyed reading, although she LOVES stories. She has now finished 30 ABC Reading Eggs lessons and has loved doing them. Yesterday her teacher said to me for the first time that her reading was ‘great’. I can’t tell you how happy that made me and I think you guys are certainly part of her progress. I have also started my 4-year-old son on ABC Reading Eggs and he is starting to enjoy it too. I was amazed that he started to pick up the idea of sounds through your lessons. I have been talking to him for months about what sound words start with and he really hadn’t grasped it, but on ABC Reading Eggs, I think he has started to. With the help of your program I think he will be a lot more school-ready and have an easier transition to big school in a year’s time than my daughter has had. Thanks again, you are really making a difference.” – Brenda

“I would like to thank and applaud you for such an excellent program. My son (who will be 4 at the end of this month) already had an aptitude for reading and writing and could read and spell a few simple words before we started ABC Reading Eggs. However, since starting [the program] in September this year, he can now read all of the books [in the Book Packs] and is VERY hungry for more.” – Sharon

“Again, thank you ABC Reading Eggs team for a really successful program. We are just over the moon with how well [our son] is doing and how much he’s enjoying learning! No pushing required. ” – Jess

“My son is struggling with reading in his first year at school, so he is really enjoying [ABC Reading Eggs] and it seems to give him more pride and confidence – he thinks it’s great fun. He said, “I love Reading Eggs Mum”. And that was music to my ears, so THANK YOU!” – Sharon

“We were in a book store and I couldn’t help but let them know how well my son is reading thanks to the ABC Reading Eggs program. I actually pulled out a book from one of the Book Packs and [he] stood in the trolley reading to the shop assistant. He was more than willing. It’s so exciting to see my child so confidently read, especially after having another child with a reading disability […] I really just want other children to experience reading the way my 4-year-old son has. Also, my son’s behaviour has improved incredibly since starting ABC Reading Eggs. I struggled myself with reading at school and am so happy to see my son enjoy it. Thanks for such a wonderful program.” – Cathy

“My 4-year-old could not read at all and only knew some letters and sounds. After two weeks [on ABC Reading Eggs] he was reading books of a standard that my older daughter read after two terms of Kindergarten!” – Wendy

“Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with your program. My son is 4 years old in December and started Reading Eggs in August this year. He is doing really well and absolutely loves the program. We have recommended ABC Reading Eggs to a number of family and friends. Thanks again.” – Nadine

ABC Reading Eggs is fabulous. My kids want to do a lesson each night, they love it!! It has taught my youngest who has just turned 4 so much already. I think all schools should have ABC Reading Eggs!!” – Natasha

“Bailey could not read. He loved Sam the Ant and before my eyes he start telling me words and whole sentences. I couldn’t believe it, it was great. Bailey was so proud of himself.” – Eliza

“ust wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results I got from my child after signing up for a trial. I did not have to help her with anything at all. She just did it all by herself. She is so excited that she can read. She has started sounding out words and spelling it. She did so well that within a week, I bought [a subscription]. I have decided to let everyone I know with little ones about ABC Reading Eggs and will buy friends with 4-year-olds ABC Reading Eggs as gifts. That will be the best present a friend or family member could give to a child!! Thank you so much!!” – Saroj Sami

“I love the ABC Reading Eggs program. I am using it with some of my students. They love it!! Many thanks for your fabulous program.” – Kat

“This is the best teaching program there could be. Well done to the inventor, with admiration” – The Ducaj family.

“Great program. Within 10 days [my son] started reading after I was thinking of getting him to do one more year of reception. Now he definitely can continue to Year 1. Thanks.” – Mother

“My 5-year-old daughter has just started a trial of this program and I am already very impressed. I am an infants/primary school teacher and wary of programs that are too gimmicky, but I am very happy with this so far. Thanks.” – Diane

“I just would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this great and valuable [program]. My son is a much faster learner with ABC Reading Eggs than [with] me. It really takes hours to teach him words, but with ABC Reading Eggs he needs just 30 minutes to understand the words. He can write the words as well after finishing a lesson and most importantly, the words stay for ages in his brain. What a wonderful job! Once again from my deepest heart, I really want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Keep up the good work.” – Widi

“I just wanted to let you know how much my children are enjoying your program. I think it’s excellent, interactive, fun and has some obviously well-researched activities and teaching principles in play. I am truly amazed at how quickly simple repetition, quirky characters, games, music and Sam the Ant have brought reading alive. Thank you. I have recommended it to all the people I know with children.” – Diana

“I just wanted to say how fantastic your program is. My 5-year-old is about to start school and is eager to learn, which means he is currently driving me nuts. I put him on the site and he did not want to get off. I told his cousin (same age) about it and he loves it just as much. Thank you for the great effort that has been placed into making the program. Please feel free to make a maths one the same. ” – Naomi

“My 4-year-old son has just started school and to know that he has skills that will help him advance in his class is amazing. I praise the creators of ABC Reading Eggs for coming up with something that is enjoyable for kids, as well as educational. Well done to the ABC Reading Eggs team.” – Delilah

“Our 4-year-old is thoroughly enjoying Reading Eggs. He has come a very long way in the past four weeks, from no reading skill at all to now having some sight word recognition [and] good letter/sound understanding. Overall, we’re delighted with the program. The quality of the graphics and the content is very high, which obviously adds to the attraction for him. Thanks again.” – Michelle

“Thank you for a wonderful program. My children love it! They can’t get enough. I’m impressed with the report you just emailed me. Nice touch – especially helpful for homeschoolers. I will add it to my records. Thanks again.” – The Clarkes

“My youngest son has joined up to the ABC Reading Eggs program and I am amazed at how quickly his reading has taken off. It is a fantastic progam. Thank you again.” – Lisa

“Thank you, my son is loving this site. He still has 12 months til he starts Kindergarten but he is already reading amazingly well thanks to your site.” – Monica

“This has been great, [my daughter] is soooooooooo motivated. She is 5 […] and ABC Reading Eggs is enhancing her skills so much. Receiving your report of her progress has made her so happy and proud. This is such a great resource. Thank you.” – Rosi

“We are really enjoying the ABC Reading Eggs program and I’m sure Ella is progressing a lot faster [with her] learning than she would have without it. Thanks again for a great system. ” – Anglea

“My 4-year-old loves ABC Reading Eggs. I am an early childhood teacher with a lot of experience with early literacy, and I can honestly say that this is the best program that I have ever come across for young children. Congratulations and thank you for this exciting new learning opportunity.” – Cathy

“Hi there, We were recommended to try ABC Reading Eggs by a friend and teacher, and I am pleased to report that the program has exceeded our expectations. I had the usual flash cards and books and although it is not hard to capture young children’s enthusiasm, it is hard to maintain it. ABC Reading Eggs has proven an excellent home education tool. My 5-year-old preschooler is starting Kindergarten this year, and going through ABC Reading Eggs has given her a great deal of computer confidence, as well as good reading foundations. My 1-year-old has sat beside her squealing with delight at all the animations and songs and trying to grab the mouse whenever he can. He doesn’t have many words yet but ‘eggs’ is one of the few!” – Angela

“Just want to let the ABC Reading Eggs Team know that it’s the BEST reading program I have come across. I have gone through several but this is just fantastic. Cameron is totally addicted and just wants to spend all his time on ABC Reading Eggs! THANKS!” – Dene

“We have been loving using ABC Reading Eggs for a while now with my two younger children, 3 and 5. My youngest has been using it since he was 2-and-a-half and asks for it every morning. I have nothing but praise for the site and rave about it to all our friends!! THANKS!” – Anne

“Thank you so much for this easy-to-use online learning tool. My twins started school this year and look forward to coming home and getting into their homework each day. We’ve just completed ten [lessons] and they are loving it. The constant encouragement is great. Well done ABC Reading Eggs.” – Raecheal

“My 5-year-old son is about to start school next term with a reading ability that surpasses most of the kids in his Reception/Grade 1 class. He can sound out words phonetically, knows all his capital and small letters, letter sounds and basic word sounds, and has been practising readers at the first four levels. I have never sat with him and taught him to read, so I assume he has obtained most of these skills from ABC Reading Eggs, plus whatever he has picked up from playing with his 6-year-old sister. I am now spreading the word to all other mums who may have internet access.” – Liz

“I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful program for children! My daughter has never been so enthusiastic before [with her] learning! Having just reached level 10 and getting 15/15 on her test she is so very proud! I simply could not believe how quickly, in the space of only a week, she has improved! Thank you once again, and we look forward to many more wonderful lessons!” – Claire

“What an ‘egg-cellent’ program. My daughter, who is 5 in May and due to start school, loves it and can’t wait to do each lesson. Easy graphics, good pronunciation, a fantastic start to early reading. I will be purchasing the subscription. Well done!” – Linzi

“[I] will be purchasing a subscription to ABC Reading Eggs as my kids LOVE it and have to be dragged away from the computer for meals and baths. My 3-year-old is starting to read sentences and my 5-year-old is excited that the program complements his school work in Year 1.” – Lisa

“[My daughter] continues to love ABC Reading Eggs. I want to congratulate you on a fantastic product. The many different kinds of rewards you have built in to the product work so well.” – Margaret

“Thank you so much for your wonderful program. My daughter is enjoying it so much that she is begging for more time to on the computer to continue with her ABC Reading Eggs. It is music to my ears as I am passionate about reading and I couldn’t be happier with her progress.” – Karol

“I just wanted to congratulate the ABC Reading Eggs team on such a wonderful product. Earlier this year, my 3-year-old daughter was pestering me to teach her to read and I had no idea where to start. I found your Book Pack in a local bookstore and haven’t looked back. After four months, she’s now on the fourth map and loving every minute of it. She gets such a sense of satisfaction every time she gets a new critter, and I love seeing her eyes light up when she knows that she can read a book by herself. Thank you again! Without ABC Reading Eggs, I’m not sure what I would have done for the next two years before she’s allowed to go to school! ” – Rebecca

“My friends put me onto this site for my little girl. She starts school next year. I just wanted to write to say thank you. I have found something that she is enjoying doing and her reading skills are now coming along so quickly. I have recommended the program to a lot of friends and cannot believe how happy it is making my daughter collecting her golden eggs. She loves it and is learning. THANK YOU!” – Vanessa

“We’re thrilled with ABC Reading Eggs. Before this, our son’s progress was slow because I found it hard to find time to sit down with him to do reading homework. I have younger children too and so by the time dinner and bath time was out of the way, he was too tired to concentrate. But with ABC Reading Eggs, he can work through this material without much assistance from me. He loves it and his progress has accelerated dramatically. I was having dinner with some other mums of children from his class last weekend and they all agreed that it is great. Thank you so much!” – Elisabeth

“Thank you for this wonderful program. You have made our lives as parents so much easier and more enjoyable spending time with the children on their homework. ” – Charlotte

“Thank you for such a wonderful, easy-to-use and helpful reading program. My son is 5 years old and loves ABC Reading Eggs. He is very keen to participate and is encouraged tremendously by the reward eggs. He has begun Kindergarten and I was finding it difficult to get him to do his reading homework which concerned me. But now that we have begun ABC Reading Eggs, he is learning more from the computer and is now happy to do his homework too. This is a fabulous program and all children should have a go!” – Sandra

“My son has just started using the ABC Reading Eggs program and I think it is fantastic. He has learned an unbelievable amount in an incredibly short time and I am so happy with the program.” – Helen

“We wanted to share with you our delight over how successful the ABC Reading Eggs program has been for our daughter. Our daughter is 5 and has struggled with her speech development for the past two years. To our amazement, not only has ABC Reading Eggs helped her to learn to read, but also to learn to speak through reading! As a parent, there is no greater joy than to be able to help your child when they have a learning difficulty, and there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting alongside my daughter while she steams through the lessons. Today she started at lesson 30 and ended at lesson 45 in one session! She was having so much fun, I wasn’t sure she’d even stop. I also wanted to thank you for the great support we’ve had from the ABC Reading Eggs team. Whenever we’ve needed some tech support, it is reassuring to know that any problem will be fixed within the day. When you’ve struggled as long as we have to make gains with our daughter’s communication development, you certainly appreciate the team of professionals that help keep that momentum going.Every parent should know about and have their kids on ABC Reading Eggs!” – Terry

“My son is really enjoying ABC Reading Eggs. This morning he said “I don’t watch TV anymore, I just do Reading Eggs!” Thanks for an excellent program.” – Rosy

“I would just like to express how impressed I am with this program. My daughter is in Kindergarten and has been using it for about a month. I am amazed at how interactive and educational it is, and how it encourages the child to want to learn. My 4-year-old son loves to sit by his sister whilst she is doing her lessons and he can’t wait until he can do it too! Many thanks for such a fantastic program.” – Kathleen

“Big congratulations to all the team at ABC Reading Eggs! You are providing an invaluable service and I hope to spread the word far and wide. Many, many thanks.” – Elissa

“Thanks for having a program that complements school. My son is having a great time revising a lot of words he knows and practising the ones he has had some trouble with! Well-paced, it’s exciting to do the test at the end of each level. Thanks.” – Camilla

“I think your program is just fantastic. My son started playing with it at 3 years of age and is now 4 and loves it. I notice he can read words all around – on the TV, in books, magazines and the kids’ names on the role at preschool, which has more than impressed quite a few of the mums! I have told so many friends about how great ABC Reading Eggs is. It is quite simply one of the best money I’ve ever spent!” – Katie

“What you have done with this program is so fabulously fantastic. My 3-year-old daughter just can’t get enough of it and she is so happy when she can recognise words or sometimes read entire sentenses. We recommend it to all our family and friends with kids. Keep up the great work. We appreciate it very much.” – Roshan

“Hi, I have found this program excellent, I think Katy Pike (publisher) is a genius! My daughter is already reading independently after a short period on this program […] Thanks.” – Rebecca

“A wonderful introduction to the written word and a positive experience using sounds and associated letters and words. We have to negotiate our time on the computer because Samantha would be on ABC Reading Eggs all night if we let her. A terrific accompaniment to books and a different edge to enhancing fine motor co-ordination. The levels offer an element of competition with a well-appreciated certificate. We are not allowed to talk while she is ‘hearing’ the instructions. A great find. Well done! We would love to see a program like this based around numbers (mathematics).” – Kerry

“We think the ABC Reading Eggs program is absolutely fantastic. Just love the encouraging format of the lessons – it is so motivating to earn the critters at the end of each lesson and exciting to collect the eggs to buy games. We just love ABC Reading Eggs!” – Pauline

AMAZING! We continue to be surprised by how quickly and how enthusiastically all of our children are taking to reading, all thanks to ABC Reading Eggs – we are telling everyone we know about it!!” – Fiona

“Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for this fabulous program. My 5-year-old came home from school one day and told me all about ABC Reading Eggs. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I logged onto the computer and Googled it. This fabulous website popped up and we haven’t been off it since! All my little boy wants to do is ABC Reading Eggs. Every night when I walk in the door after work, he doesn’t say “Hi Mum”, he says “Mum, can I do Reading Eggs!” Everything appeals to him, from the critters to the bright colours and interaction. I love it, he adores it, thank you.” – Sue

“Just wanted to let you know that my 4-year-old has just completed Map 6. It’s basically the only reading instruction he’s had as he’s still at preschool. That he’s been able to teach himself so much really says something about the quality of your site – its both engaging and stimulating. He’s loves it and is very proud.” – Jenny

“Thanks for this site. It is wonderful. My darling grandson just loves it. We have a lot of fun and his reading is markedly improved, of course. Again, thank you for this site.” – Katharine

“Your program is awesome, my son loves it and my younger son hangs off his back watching every step of the way. He can’t wait til his turn comes. Keep up the fantastic work!” – Vicky

“I just wanted to comment on this great program that has made a huge change with my son’s ability to read. Riley is 4-and-a-half but was recently diagnosed with a severe receptive language disorder. I first saw this program advertised on the ABC channel and I thought that this might help Riley. I am so suprised at the improvement of his understanding of letters and words already. Because of his disorder it has been hard to see how his development with reading and his understanding of letters and sounds are, but this has shown me how bright and capable he is. I’m so grateful. I encourage Riley to do a lesson or two a day and the results have been amazing. I have started to recommend this program to other mothers I know that have children with similar difficulties. Well done to the creators of the AB CReading Eggs program and thank you for making reading easier and enjoyable for my Riley.” – Candice

“What a great program. There are so many learning products around, but this one is solid gold. From a trial only, my 4-year-old basically taught himself to read. Of course we always read books together at home, but this program promoted his independent learning. It is so easy to use that preschoolers can run with it. He is now 5 years old and at school. He is a confident, independent learner who loves school. Thank you for making that transition such an easy one!” – Nikki

“I just want to say thanks for creating such a brilliant learning tool. My 5-year-old absolutely loves playing and learning, and is reading confidently after only two weeks. I’m thrilled and am letting all my friends know about ABC Reading Eggs. Thank you for making learning to read such a pleasure – for all of us.” – Emily

“I would just like to say a big thank you to ABC Reading Eggs. What a wonderful learning tool this is. My daughter is 10 years old and has Down Syndrome. She has not been given any opportunity to learn to read and write at her school which is so disappointing and heart-breaking as she desperately wants to learn and be like her brother and sister. She started using ABC Reading Eggs over the weekend and I am astounded at how quickly she is picking up simple words and sentences. She is so eager to get on and ‘play’ the wonderful and engaging games. I caan’t thank you enough, I wish I found you earlier. I know that she will be reading and writing in no time using this site. She is so pleased with herself and what she has achieved so far. Thanks again.” – Kerstin

“Thanks so very much to your talented production team for bringing us such a high quality learning program. Our 4-year-old loves using the program and has surprised us with his desire to keep going and learning. He really engages with all levels of the lessons and printed material. Love it – great stuff, such a surprise how quickly Adam has grasped some basic reading skills!” – Sophie

“I would like to express my thanks to you. My daughter Elise is only 4 and has made huge progress with your program. We both really like the look of ABC Reading Eggs. You have made what can be difficult to learn into fun and games. She think it is a reward for her whereas in fact it is education, brilliant! She can navigate all by herself throughout your site. This is a great help for busy parents. I like to surpervise her from a distance and leave her to concentrate on her task. Again, yhank you so much for playing such a big part in my daughter’s literacy progress and her future. ” – Sarah

“My son is in Year 1 and his teacher and I have been worried that he has been slipping behind his classmates. He flips or twists letters and words as well as numbers. He was developing an “I can’t” attitude to anything written. He didn’t want to try. The first time I put on ABC Reading Eggs he played it for three or four hours, only taking a break when told to and asking to be able to get back and continue. Each critter is a triumph. Each test is completed until it’s a gold trophy. This system is magic. Many, many thanks.” – Alison

“A student in my son’s class let the teacher know about ABC Reading Eggs. Now the whole class is logged on, and I have logged on his 4-year-old twin brothers at home, so they feel like they are involved in “school”. Aside from the skills they are learning, it is something they can do completely on their own, though they learn also by observing and helping each other. The program is clear, you can repeat lessons, there is no time limit, and there are no penalties. All good as far as we are concerned. The boys love it and we have already spread the word. Thank you ABC Reading Eggs. ” – Tiina

“Thank you for the wonderful website. We are very impressed at how well our boy has taken to reading since being on the system. We were initially part of the promotional offer, and got as much out of the offer as possible. Once the offer had finished we were very happy to renew and continue on!! Also, congratulations on the Best Website Prize – well deserved. ” – Aaron

“Ever since my 4-year-old son has started ‘playing’ (as he thinks of it) on ABC Reading Eggs, I can’t believe how he has developed with his literacy skills. He is constantly spelling out words, reading simple things, writing lists of words and always asking “what spells this mum?”. I am totally in awe watching a child learn to read and write and I truly believe that ABC Reading Eggs has been a huge encouragement and instrument in his development. I think the website is one of the best I’ve seen…I want to play on it! It is so appealing with the colours, the critters, the games…I cannot speak highly enough of the package you have designed and am telling anyone who will listen about it. Thank you very much we love it! ” – The Ward Family