Parent testimonials

“ will be purchasing a subscription to reading eggs as my kids LOVE it and have to be dragged away from the computer for meals and baths. My 3 year old is starting to read sentences and my 5 year old is excited that the programme complements his school work in year one.” – Lisa

“Vivienne continues to love Reading Eggs. I want to congratulate you on a fantastic product. The many different kinds of rewards you have built in to the product work so well.” – Margaret

“Thank you so much for your wonderful Reading eggs. My daughter is enjoying it so much that she is begging for more time to on the computer to continue with her Reading eggs. It is music to my ears as I am passionate about reading and I couldn’t be happier with her progress.” – Karol

“Hi, I just wanted to congratulate the Reading Eggs team on such a wonderful product. Earlier this year, my 3 year old daughter was pestering me to teach her to read and I had no idea where to start. I found your book pack in a local bookstore and haven’t looked back. After 4 months, she’s now on the 4th map and loving every minute of it. She gets such a sense of satisfaction every time she gets a new critter, and I love seeing her eyes light up when she knows that she can read a book by herself. Thank you again! Without reading eggs, I’m not sure what I would have done for the next 2 years before she’s allowed to go to school! ” – Rebecca