3 Fun Ways to Help Children with Reading

Playing games is a great way to develop literacy skills and motivate your child to learn. Some fun games that help children with their reading by building vocabulary include:

What’s in the bag?

Fill a bag with a variety of objects and ask your child to close their eyes and describe what they can feel inside the bag. This is a great opportunity to practice their use of adjectives.

20 Questions

Think of a person, a place or a thing. Ask your child to guess what you are thinking of by asking a maximum of 20 questions, e.g. is it alive? Is it big?


Give your child an adjective and ask them to tell you the opposite word, e.g. hot – cold, big – little.

Do you know any other games that help children with their reading? Also, don’t forget the traditional ‘I Spy’ game to help build your child’s vocabulary, and keeping magnetic letters on the fridge are always a great way to encourage writing skills.