NEW Eggy Times Tables App Released for iPad, iPhone and Android

What could be better than rescuing bugs from scary spiders, leading buzzy bees to pretty flowers and throwing homemade pies at Grandpa?

Watching your child improve their multiplication skills while doing all of those things!

Get your child ready for the next fun-filled maths adventure with our brand new app for iPad, iPhone and Android – Eggy Times Tables!

Featuring a cast of hilarious new characters, colourful animations, catchy music and exciting Mashies rewards to collect, your child will love completing each one of the 5 highly interactive activities, carefully designed to build and reinforce essential multiplication skills for ages 5-10.

Each unique activity has 2 or 3 difficulty levels so that children continue challenging themselves and making real progress as they play. They will have fun throwing multiplication pies at Grandpa, completing a multiplication grid, stopping the spider from getting the bugs, connecting bees to their matching flowers and helping Ali jump home.

Developed by the trusted team of educators who brought you ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds, there’s no easier way to motivate your child to learn the times tables than with Eggy Times Tables!

Eggy Times Tables is available to download on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Learn more about Eggy Times Tables here

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