Thank you to everyone who took part in our Read, Learn, Empower event!

From 3 August to 30 September 2020, our customers helped us raised $7,852 to support The Smith Family by claiming their 30 days' FREE access to ABC Reading Eggs.

Plus, ABC Reading Eggs is donating 1000x 12‑month subscriptions to The Smith Family valued at $94,900 thanks to our loyal customers who shared a video on social media as part of our #ReadLearnEmpower event.

Customers from around the globe helped us to support some great causes. See the section below for more information about funds raised and the organisations we’re supporting.

fundraising for
The Smith Family

Proudly fundraising in support of The Smith Family

The funds raised and subscriptions will support The Smith Family's crucial education programs like Learning for Life, which helps more than 56,000 young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed at school and create better futures for themselves.

The flagship Learning for Life program provides financial support for school essentials, like uniforms and books. It also provides access to additional learning programs before and after school – tailored to each child’s individual needs. And it matches each child with a dedicated team member at The Smith Family to help them get to school, stay at school and go on to further training or work.


Money Raised

fundraising for

Proudly fundraising in support of KidsCan

The NZ$1,461 raised and 250 subscriptions, valued at NZ$27,500, will help KidsCan in providing the essentials to Kiwi kids affected by poverty, so they can participate in learning and have an opportunity for a better future.

Right now, there are 254,000 Kiwi kids living in poverty. KidsCan aims to break the cycle of hardship by providing essentials like food, clothing and healthcare, to level the playing field and give children whose families are struggling the same opportunity to learn as anyone else.


Money Raised

fundraising for
The Education Trust

Proudly fundraising in support of The Education Trust

The US$15,000 raised supports Ed Trust's important research and advocacy work, which aims to expand excellence and equity in education.

Too many students in America attend schools that lack the tools and supports that children need in order to reach their full academic potential. Through their advocacy and research efforts, Ed Trust is working to create the conditions that allow for more just policies and practices to help students who are underserved thrive.


Money Raised

fundraising for
Save the Children

Proudly fundraising in support of Save the Children

The £12,000 raised supports Save the Children's crucial programs and advocacy work to help narrow the gap between children living in poverty and their peers.

More than a quarter of England's children live in poverty, giving it one of the highest rates of child poverty in the developed world. Evidence shows that to make a big difference to children growing up in poverty, it is essential to intervene early and work across all areas of their lives.


Money Raised