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Resources for Kids Reading Online

Resources for Kids Reading Online

There are innumerable resources available for kids reading online, including reading games, activities and programs that help develop reading skills both in the classroom and at home. But with so much choice can come confusion. Which resources are the most beneficial for young readers?

Where kids reading online is concerned, there is definitely a range of offerings. Here are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when attempting to find any program for kids reading online.

The best reading programs instruct in five key literacy areas

The five key literacy areas include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, text comprehension.

The ABC Reading Eggs program incorporates each of these five literacy areas into the structure and content of every lesson. Early lessons focus on phonemic awareness, before expanding into systematic phonics instruction. These two skills form the base from which a child can develop their vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension.

The best reading programs use a child’s first language – play.

ABC Reading Eggs recognises that children learn best through play. Each lesson is game-like in look and feel, motivating children to apply themselves to the educationally rigourous activities. Lessons are animated with captivating graphics, the e-books feature vibrant visuals, and all reading activities and games completed yield enjoyable rewards for readers.

The goal of the best programs is kids reading real books.

The goal of every ABC Reading Eggs lesson is kids reading real books – a complex skill that requires the mastery of each of the five key literacy areas. Every ABC Reading Eggs lesson from lesson 9 culminates in the child reading an e-book, allowing them to apply their newly learnt literacy skills. Each e-book appears with a cover and pages that turn in order to mimic the act of reading a real book, allowing children to develop familiarity with the act of reading.

The best reading programs offer a range of motivational elements to increase a child’s time on task.

In the ABC Reading Eggs program, kids are rewarded for every reading activity or game they successfully complete. Not only do the enjoyable game-like lessons encourage children to learn as they play, but the reward system promotes student engagement and interest as well.

The best reading programs encourage parental involvement

Parental involvement is another key marker of a good reading program. Research has shown that when parents are involved in their children’s education, at home or at school, children achieve at higher levels. ABC Reading Eggs offers a flexible way for parents to be involved by making it easier to access student reports anytime. Parents can also receive feedback on their children’s progress with regular reports emailed directly to them.

ABC Reading Eggs is a fantastic resource for kids reading online. It is a comprehensive reading program that teaches kids how to read, and turns the process of learning to read into an enjoyable activity.


My daughter loves Reading Eggs! She is so excited by the progress she has made through the site. She enjoys the games and is learning so much. I highly recommend it. It is great for learning phonics and letter sounds. The games are fun and educational. We will continue to use Reading Eggs until she is reading on her own!

- Alycia A

Reading Eggs is a fantastic and engaging program for my students! They enjoy using the technology at school and also at home. I am thrilled with the results of my students, and I have Reading Eggs to thank!

- Alison Miller, St Andrews Public School

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