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How to Teach a Child Reading

How to Teach a Child Reading

With a wide array of reading resources touting different methods as the most effective to teach a child reading, it’s often hard to know which is in fact the most effective. Different teaching styles notwithstanding, at the most fundamental level experts will agree that children need to be instructed in five key literacy areas in order to effectively learn to read: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

The first area of literacy that kids need to master is phonemic awareness, that is, the understanding that words are made up of different sounds, called phonemes. These phonemes, or units of sound, directly relate to letters of the alphabet or letter combinations, which is the underlying principle of phonics.

Teaching a child reading also includes the modeling of fluent reading, so that young readers can develop the ability to read well, and simultaneously understand what they are reading. This is where reading regularly to your child is important, as your voice can provide them with guidance on how to pronounce words and when to alter their tone for punctuation or emphasis.

Building a strong vocabulary is also critical for early readers. The more words they know and understand, the easier it is for them to derive meaning and comprehend a text. Kids can also improve their comprehension by asking questions, answering questions and sharing their interpretations and opinions of a text.

Researchers have found that children respond very well to systematic lessons that are offered within a structured reading program. ABC Reading Eggs incorporates all five key areas of literacy instruction in its lessons. With each lesson children learn to apply new literacy skills by completing fun game-like activities that keep them motivated to learn.

Young readers also respond best to lessons that are aimed directly at their reading level. With tests that assess child reading ability, ABC Reading Eggs can tailor the difficulty of its lessons according to a child’s ability. Kids are naturally drawn to the fun game-like lessons of ABC Reading Eggs, earning exciting rewards throughout the program that keep them even more motivated to learn.


My first grade son truly enjoys his time on ABC Reading Eggs. It has helped him in particular with sight words, word families, fluency, and confidence. He loves to “hatch” his new characters and collect the golden eggs. The beginning evaluation accurately placed him at the correct level, allowing him to be successful and challenged.”

- Anne S.

I am very impressed with your wonderful program. Each activity is clearly explained to the children. It is fun and fast moving and also provides a variety of follow-up activities.”

- Andrea Reeson, Wingham Brush Public

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