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3 Ways to Make Spelling Fun for Kids

3 Ways to Make Spelling Fun for Kids

Spelling for kids can often be far trickier than learning to read. Try these 3 ways to help improve your child’s spelling:

1. Create a word wall

Designate a space easily accessible to your child – whether on a fridge, a whiteboard or a piece of paper hung on the wall – where you can add words they encounter in their reading. With every glance at the word wall your child can reinforce their memory of word spellings, as well as have a handy reference point to check their spelling.

2. Keep a Spelling Journal

Your child might have the tendency to ask you the spelling of certain words when they write. A great idea to encourage self-sufficiency and reinforce their memory is for them to keep a spelling journal. At the top of each page they can write a letter – page 1 being ‘A’, page 2 being ‘B’. Before your child asks you how to spell a word, ask them to check if that word is already in their journal. If not, have them write the correct spelling of the word on the appropriate page.

3. Word of the Week

Each week, assign your child a word they do not know and challenge them to use it in their writing. The spelling of this word can be a bit more difficult than the words they usually learn to spell. Each time they use this word in their writing make sure to congratulate them for their efforts.

In addition to these above tips, kids can also learn spelling with ABC Reading Eggs. The program includes a Skills Bank area, which includes 96 spelling lessons, with each lesson focusing on a 12 word spelling list. These lessons cover the spelling requirements for the first three years of school (Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2), with 32 lessons per year that make spelling fun and motivational for kids.


My child LOVES ABC Reading Eggs! This program has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. We tried two other popular reading programs and while they were fun, they just didn’t translate to my child becoming a reader. He’s a reluctant reader, capable but frustrates easily. With ABC Reading Eggs I have never witnessed an ounce of frustration, just watched my son having fun. And even better – I’ve watched him start to read in such a natural progression that is a beautiful thing to watch. Thank you, ABC Reading Eggs!

- C. Bryant

ABC Reading Eggs has simply taken off in our school! It allows students to work at their own level and provides students at the lower end of the scale with the opportunity to gain success. The kids love the games, stories and different challenges!

- Claire Badrock, Meekatharra School of the Air

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