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Reading Websites for Kids

Reading Websites for Kids

With most children having easy access to the internet, either at home, school or the library, reading websites for kids like ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress are increasingly providing children with the reading and literacy skills they need to be successful at school.

ABC Reading Eggs

Designed for children aged 3 to 7, ABC Reading Eggs is based on the idea that kids learn best while having fun. The website includes a comprehensive program of 120 reading lessons, 96 spelling lessons and 20 comprehension lessons that teach children core literacy skills one-on-one, at a pace that suits their level of development and ability.

ABC Reading Eggs lessons combine educationally sound activities and games with highly enjoyable elements – highly interactive activities, colourful animations, fun music and exciting rewards that keep kids motivated to learn.

ABC Reading Eggspress

For children aged 7 to 13, ABC Reading Eggspress is an extension to ABC Reading Eggs that further develops comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. It includes 200 comprehension lessons and 100 literacy games as well as a library of over 3000 ebooks that are also available on the iPad.

The wide selection of ebooks in the library include illustrated chapter books, full colour non-fiction books and a range of classics. The ultimate goal of ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggs lessons are for children to read real books, and the Library provides them with a comprehensive, easily accessible source of reading material, with titles suitable for ages 6 to 12 years. To help develop comprehension skills, children are also asked to complete a 10 question comprehension quiz on the book they have just completed.

Together ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress provide children with the reading and literacy skills they need on their journey to reading success. The fun and motivational nature of the lessons and the wide range of ebooks all available online give kids all the essential learning resources they need in a reading website.

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