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Top 10 Ways to Homeschool with ABC Reading Eggs

homeschool with ABC Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs offers everything you need to homeschool successfully. Your child will love learning all the key literacy skills with engaging online lessons, fun games and offline worksheets. Free trial

As a homeschooling parent, you’re always looking for ways to give your child the best at-home learning experience possible. One of the most important skills they can learn is reading. Not only does reading unlock the doors to knowledge and imagination, but it also sets the foundation for success in all other subjects and in everyday life. That's why finding the right resources to support your child's reading journey is crucial. 

Thousands of homeschoolers have already discovered the benefits of ABC Reading Eggs and it's no surprise why. The program is based on solid scientific research and has won numerous awards in the homeschooling community for its effective and engaging approach to learning.  

"The price is incredible for the amount of content that you get and is honestly the best homeschool investment I have ever made.” –⁠ Schelly 

With over 20 million users worldwide, ABC Reading Eggs is a trusted and reliable resource for parents who want to provide their children with the best education possible. From its comprehensive curriculum to its interactive games and activities, the program has become a go-to resource for homeschooling families looking to give their children a solid foundation in literacy skills.  

10 ways ABC Reading Eggs can benefit your homeschooling journey 

1. Core literacy curriculum 

ABC Reading Eggs' comprehensive online reading curriculum covers the five essential components of reading - phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, reading comprehension and vocabulary. These are the crucial building blocks for learning to read fluently and proficiently. 


ABC Reading Eggs has hundreds of engaging lessons and fun games to motivate your homeschooler to keep learning. Free trial.  

Phonics and phonemic awareness skills are essential for decoding words, allowing children to recognise and sound out unfamiliar words with ease. Sight words provide the building blocks for reading fluency and comprehension, while reading comprehension skills allow children to understand and retain the meaning of what they are reading. Vocabulary development is also key, as it helps children to better comprehend what they are reading, build their knowledge base, and ultimately communicate more effectively. 

ABC Reading Eggs uses self-paced, individualised lessons to cover all five essential components of reading success. The program adapts to your child's needs and learning pace, so they can progress at their own speed without feeling overwhelmed or bored.

With engaging e-books, activities and interactive games, your child will have fun while learning to read. The program's e-books allow your child to read at their own pace, with features such as read-to-me and read-along options to enhance their reading comprehension. 

Homeschool with ABC Reading Eggs for FREE today!  

See how this trusted, multi-award winning program can help your homeschooler learn to read or improve their literacy skills in just 15 minutes a day. This is positive screen time you can count on, to engage and motivate your child as they learn with hundreds of expert-designed reading lessons, literacy games and activities. Take advantage of over 500 printables for offline time and the library bursting with over 3,500 decodable e-books.   

Free Trial

2. Flexible and adaptable for every child's needs 

One of the great things about ABC Reading Eggs is that it's suitable for children of all ability levels. Whether your child is a struggling reader who needs extra support or an advanced reader who needs to be challenged, the program can adapt to meet their needs.

The self-paced lessons and individualised instruction ensure that each child is working at their own level, which means they can progress at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or bored. Additionally, the program's placement test and ability to adjust where your child is in the program, means that you can be confident your child is always working at their appropriate level. 

If you ever feel that your child's level has changed, you can redo the placement test at any time to ensure that they are continuing to work at the right level. This feature is especially helpful for homeschoolers who want to ensure that their child is constantly challenged and progressing in their reading skills. 

Another great feature of ABC Reading Eggs for homeschoolers is the ability to manually adjust the program to fit their child's needs. If your child is excelling in a certain area, you can move them forward to a more challenging level, or if they need more support, you can adjust the program to work at their level.

This individualised approach allows homeschoolers to tailor the program to fit their child's needs, helping them reach their full potential. Additionally, you can view each lesson before assigning it to your child.  

"I have pretty much relied 100% on ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds to homeschool this year! Other than pulling some games, a number chart and things like that, I’ve not used any other program. I’ve followed the program, trusted it and I have seen growth. That’s why I haven’t turned away or looked anywhere else because it’s been really effective.” – Amanda 

 3. You can try it before you buy and choose from different payment options 

Another huge benefit of ABC Reading Eggs is that homeschoolers can try the program free for 30 days before committing to a subscription. This allows parents to see how the program works and how their child responds to the lessons.

One subscription allows up to four children to access the program, covering ages 2 to 13. With ABC Reading Eggs, parents can choose from a monthly or yearly payment plan that suits their budget. This flexibility means that homeschoolers can provide their children with the support they need to develop their literacy skills without breaking the bank.

Homeschooling with ABC Mathseeds

Get access to hundreds of fun maths activities, games and videos for your homeschooler today! Try ABC Mathseeds with your free trial of ABC Reading Eggs.

4. Optional maths curriculum: a multi-award winning solution for foundational maths skills 

Homeschoolers using ABC Reading Eggs also have the option to add ABC Mathseeds to their curriculum, a comprehensive maths program designed for children aged 3 to 9. With engaging activities, fun games and over 200 lessons that explore maths concepts using real-world scenarios, ABC Mathseeds is the perfect tool for early learners to build a strong foundation in maths.

The program covers everything from counting and number recognition to addition, subtraction and problem-solving. With ABC Mathseeds, your child will develop confidence and enthusiasm for maths while progressing at their own pace. Together with ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Mathseeds offers a complete online curriculum to support your child's learning journey. 


The placement test makes it easy to start your child at the right place and you can reset it, too. Free trial.

5. Testing and assessments: know your child's progress and achievements 

ABC Reading Eggs offers various engaging assessment tools, like the Driving Tests and end-of-map quizzes, to determine your child's reading level and track their progress. In addition to assessment, ABC Reading Eggs also offers detailed reports on your child's progress.

You can see how long they spend on each task, what their estimated reading age is, and which areas they may need extra help in. These reports are available within the program and can also be emailed to you. This feature makes it easy to track your child's progress and ensure they are on the right track for reading success.  

6. Independent learning: encouraging self-paced learning and independence 

ABC Reading Eggs provides a safe and ad-free online learning environment for children. As a homeschooling parent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is using a platform that is completely safe and appropriate for their age. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose whether your child works independently or under your supervision.

With ABC Reading Eggs, your child can learn and explore the world of reading in a fun and engaging way, without any distractions or concerns about inappropriate content. You can’t go wrong with ABC Reading Eggs as it is kidSAFE certified.

7. Multi-child learning: economical and suitable for families with multiple children 

With one ABC Reading Eggs subscription, you can cater to up to four children's learning, making it an economical choice for homeschooling families. Plus, with individual progress tracking, you can monitor each child's progress separately. 

“ABC Reading Eggs has been the best purchase for our homeschool this year. Our 8-year-old dyslexic son loves and learns from this visually exciting program. It has helped his reading and also his writing as he has started his own ‘ABC Reading Eggs’ story book! He draws his own map, creates characters for each level, and writes a story for each one. Amazing!” –⁠ Edyth N 

Each child can let their creativity shine by designing their own character avatar and earning rewards to personalise their virtual world. They can also unlock their imagination by writing their own storybooks and keeping track of their reading progress in their own personal journal, which they can customise with fun stickers and pins. 

8. Mobile app: learning on the go 

ABC Reading Eggs is available on desktop, tablet and mobile app, so your child can learn on the go. Whether you're on a road trip or waiting for an appointment, your child can continue their learning journey uninterrupted. 

This multi-award winning educational app includes ABC Reading Eggs Junior (Ages 2⁠–⁠4), ABC Reading Eggs (Ages 3⁠–⁠7), Fast Phonics (Ages 5⁠–⁠10) and ABC Reading Eggspress (Ages 7⁠–⁠13). It’s jam-packed with alphabet games, phonics lessons, spelling activities, word puzzles, nursery rhymes and over 3,500 e-books for kids. 

9. Online and offline resources: a complete learning experience 

ABC Reading Eggs offers both online and offline resources, such as printables and workbooks, to enhance your child's learning experience. With a variety of resources available, you can tailor your child's learning journey to your homeschooling preferences.  

“All my children (oldest right now is 11 and youngest is 4) have used ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds as their first homeschooling curriculum. It captures their attention and brings the information to them at their level. I love the follow-up worksheets that are in the bonus section of the family dashboard and the breakdown explanations for each lesson number.” – Shelly A. 


Printables for homeschooling 

There are hundreds of printables available in the program, including worksheet sets that align with each of the program’s lessons. This means that homeschoolers can reinforce what they have been learning online.  

Homeschool with our reading and maths activity workbooks 

Our popular ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress workbooks perfectly complement the online reading programs. For a small added cost, your child can enjoy quality. hands-on colourful activities that go hand-in-hand with what they are learning for each online level. 

The workbooks cover essential early reading skills like phonics, sight words and handwriting. They also extend on phonics knowledge, building vocabulary, writing, spelling grammar and comprehension skills. 

Homeschooling maths is also easy and fun with the Essential Maths Skills Workbooks. Each workbook boasts over 250 pages of engaging activities that are easy to follow and enjoyable for young learners. Invest in these value-added, jam-packed activity books to consolidate all the essential numeracy skills your child is learning in the ABC Mathseeds online program.

These are important skills that will hold them in good stead for life! Your child will build foundational maths skills across numbers, addition, subtraction and shapes. Building on this they can extend their knowledge of numbers, time and 2D and 3D shapes. There’s even more to learn as the workbooks cover counting to 1000, more operations, fractions and problems.  

10. Engaging learning: building your child’s confidence at every step 

Best of all, with ABC Reading Eggs, engagement is key to keeping children motivated and excited about learning. The program uses a unique reward system that helps children feel proud of their progress and confident in their abilities.  


As homeschoolers, you know the importance of keeping your children engaged and interested in their studies, and ABC Reading Eggs makes it easy with a wide range of interactive games, activities, and rewards that keep children coming back for more. From collecting golden eggs to unlocking new levels, the program is designed to provide a fun and engaging learning experience that will help your child build a lifelong love of reading.

Plus, children love feeling a sense of achievement when they earn certificates after completing each map. Watch their confidence soar when they earn their bronze, silver and gold certificates with our motivating rewards.   

So, as you can see, homeschooling with ABC Reading Eggs is a powerful way to support your child's literacy and numeracy skills, both on and offline. The program offers a comprehensive online curriculum that covers all the key reading and maths skills your child needs. 

ABC Reading Eggs is suitable for all kinds of learners no matter your child’s ability or level. Being so flexible and affordable, with the option to even try it for free before committing to a subscription makes it perfect for homeschoolers.  

Try homeschooling with ABC Reading Eggs today for FREE!

Join other satisfied families in the homeschooling community who have found ABC Reading Eggs to be a trusted, comprehensive and reliable resource for all their needs. You'll have access to the helpful curriculum guide, hundreds of engaging online lessons and over 500 printables, plus so much more! Give your child a solid educational foundation, in literacy and early numeracy today.

Free Trial

“Great program! Our son loves having his own avatar that he can buy pets for with his reward eggs and acorns. ABC Mathseeds and ABC Reading Eggspress are superb [too] – love the worksheets to complement each map's lessons. Loads of material that you can print out to complement topics of the week, plus for homeschooling purposes, I loved having sample weekly plans. He has learned so much already from both programs in just a few weeks. Highly recommend.”

– Peggy 

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