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15 Ways This Phonics Reading Program Leads to Remarkable Results

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Invest in your child's reading success with Fast Phonics – a research-based phonics reading program. Try it for free and experience the power of systematic synthetic phonics instruction. Free trial.

Reading opens up a world of language, knowledge and captivating stories for children. This powerful skill will set your child up for success across many school subjects and into their adult life. To ensure reading success, it's crucial that your child must have a strong foundation in phonics. 

Why children MUST master phonics to become STRONG readers 

Phonics is one of the five essential components of reading that children need to acquire to become successful, fluent readers. The systematic synthetic phonics approach is globally regarded as the most effective method of teaching children to read and is endorsed by the evidence-based Science of Reading.  

Through solid systematic synthetic phonics instruction, children learn to decode words by using letter-sound connections to sound out each phoneme and blend sounds together to read words. These skills strengthen their overall reading and writing abilities.  

Want a successful, happy reader? Try the ultimate reading phonics program (FREE!)

Discover Fast Phonics, backed by scientific research and available FREE with an ABC Reading Eggs trial. Ideal for emergent, early readers and kids struggling with core reading gaps. Access engaging phonics activities, interactive games, videos and decodable books, along with printable resources.

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15 important ways Fast Phonics results in reading success 

Fast Phonics is a research-based phonics reading program, offering a comprehensive approach that combines fun, expert-developed lessons, engaging activities and synthetic phonics instruction to teach reading and spelling. It’s perfect for early, emergent and struggling readers.

Let's explore 15 ways in which this program leads to impressive outcomes: 

1. Provides solid systematic phonics instruction for reading success

Don't worry if you don't know where to begin! This evidence-based phonics program offers explicit and systematic phonics instruction, aligned with the best-practice model advocated by the Science of Reading. With 20 fun-filled levels (Peaks) of phonics lessons, games, and activities, your child can learn all the crucial phonics skills they need.

2. Teaches letter-sound correspondence

The program teaches your child the letter-sound relationships needed for accurate word decoding. They'll learn from animated videos using powerful learning mnemonics and practise each skill within focused, engaging activities. Did you know that visual memory aids have been scientifically proven to improve letter-sound recognition?


Research-based phonics program - Fast Phonics - teaches key phonics skills like segmenting and blending. The Stretch it Out blending activity asks children to say each sound and blend them to make a word. Free trial.

3. Teaches the key synthetic phonics skills of segmenting and blending

The program begins by teaching your child to segment and blend sounds in words with consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) patterns. Once they master these words, they move on to more challenging letter sounds and multi-syllable words. Gradual skill growth for confident word decoding!


Your child can hone their reading skills with many Fast Phonics games, including Furball Fun, where they are asked if the furballs have made a real word. Free trial.

4. Solidifies spelling skills

A strong grasp of phonics will improve your child's spelling skills, leading to fluent, confident writing. The program's activities and animations teach kids to break words into phonemes. By segmenting words into phonemes and encoding sounds into words, your child will learn the skills needed to accurately spell words.


5. Expands early learners' vocabulary

Fast Phonics will enhance your child's language skills by exposing them to a wide range of words and their associated sounds. Watch as your little one learns to associate new words with their corresponding sounds and meanings, expanding their oral and written language skills.


6. Builds children's reading comprehension skills

Is your child facing reading comprehension challenges? Even if they read fluently, understanding the content may be a struggle. A research-based phonics reading program can bridge this gap.

Improve their comprehension with Fast Phonics' engaging decodable books and quizzes. Boost their overall reading skills with fun educational games and engaging lessons.

7. Boosts kids' reading fluency

One of the ultimate goals when your child is learning to read is that they become a fluent reader. By helping them master phonics, this phonics reading program will help your child become a more fluent reader, as they'll be able to quickly and accurately recognise and pronounce words.

research based phonics program lessons

Fast Phonics offers interactive lessons with fun activities, games and exercises that make learning phonics enjoyable and motivating for children. These activities reinforce letter-sound associations and provide opportunities for practise and applicationFree trial. 

8. Engages your child with interactive phonics lessons

Fast Phonics offers interactive lessons with fun activities, phonics games and reading exercises that make learning enjoyable and motivating for children. These activities reinforce letter-sound associations and provide opportunities for practice and application.


9. Improves writing skills

A solid grasp of phonics means children can quickly generate and spell words. This allows them to write more fluently, accurately, and with greater confidence. There's lots of opportunities for offline practice with access to handwriting pages and activity sheets matched to each lesson.

10. Monitors your child's individual phonics and reading progress

Fast Phonics includes personalised assessments and quizzes to track your child's phonics development. This allows you to identify areas of strength or those needing additional support. This phonics reading program offers a personalised learning journey, beginning with a placement test to set your child at the appropriate level. Each Peak concludes with a quiz and students advance to the next Peak with 80% or more.


Our phonics reading program includes decodable books in every peak plus end-of-book quizzes to assess comprehension. Free trial.

11. Fast Phonics personalises your child's learning

This phonics program provides personalised learning experiences, catering to each learner's unique needs. It adapts to individual progress, offering targeted instruction and practise to enhance specific areas of improvement. This customised approach ensures your child receives the right support and challenges to strengthen their phonics skills.

12. Uses a beneficial multisensory approach

Fast Phonics incorporates multisensory techniques, engaging visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic modalities to reinforce learning. This approach helps children connect letters, sounds, and movements, enhancing their understanding and retention.

13. Encourages independent reading and confidence

With phonics knowledge, children can read unfamiliar words independently, boosting their confidence and promoting a love for reading. Each Peak in Fast Phonics includes decodable books your child will read and be quizzed on. Plus, your child will have access to over 3,500 e-books on every topic and in every genre imaginable!

14. Provides hundreds of printable phonics-related worksheets

Your child can reinforce and practise key phonics skills offline with Fast Phonics as there's a huge bank of printable resources with easy-to-follow worksheets for each Peak.


Fast Phonics' rewards keep children motivated to keep building on their phonics skills. Free trial. 

15. Rewards and motivates your child to succeed!

Fun learning is guaranteed with Fast Phonics. Expertly designed with captivating features, including a Yeti avatar, lively characters, upgrades, gems and coins, keeping children engaged and excited to learn. 

Teach your child phonics with a proven phonics reading program (for FREE!) 

Fast Phonics is a synthetic phonics reading program that helps children become strong readers – fast! Included at no extra cost with an ABC Reading Eggs FREE trial today. Your child will learn all key phonics skills with hundreds of fun phonics lessons, plus interactive videos and decodable books!

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 So, as you can see, Fast Phonics is the ultimate phonics reading program that will explicitly and systematically teach, reinforce and assess your child. You’ll be informed about what they will be learning and how they are progressing with reports and learning overviews for each phase, with details about each Peak and how many letters, graphemes, words and books are included.  

Best of all, your child will be thoroughly motivated by the fun phonics games, activities and interactive videos that will help them learn and improve their phonics skills without them even realising it! 

For more in-depth information about the evidence behind Fast Phonics as a research-based phonics reading program, please refer to the Fast Phonics Research Paper.

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