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Top 9 Reading Reward Ideas: Recognise your Child’s Success


ABC Reading Eggs uses powerful reading rewards to make it easy to motivate your child and celebrate their achievements. From golden eggs that they can earn as they learn, to colourful certificates and more! Free trial.

 At ABC Reading Eggs, we understand the significance of celebrating children's reading achievements. Each milestone reached and each book completed is a cause for celebration.

In this article, we will delve into the importance of celebrating reading accomplishments and how ABC Reading Eggs provides a platform to enhance and recognise these achievements. Rewards and incentives play a vital role in boosting motivation, engagement and overall confidence when learning to read.

Join us as we explore creative ways to celebrate with reading reward ideas that will foster a lifelong love for learning.  

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1. Sticker charts: Track progress and unlock rewards

Sticker charts are an excellent way to visually track reading progress. Each book completed earns a sticker, and as the chart fills up, your child can unlock exciting rewards and surprises. This system motivates children and also instils a sense of pride in their reading accomplishments. 

Jaye loves ABC Reading Eggs and is responding so well. His dad and I are really thrilled with what he's getting out of it. We printed off his first certificate for the Zoo Quiz and he was so proud of it. It's a great keepsake to mark his progress." – Jess 

2. Special bookmarks: Marking milestones with style

Create custom bookmarks to commemorate significant reading milestones. These personalised keepsakes not only hold a place in favourite books but also serve as a tangible reminder of the progress made. Children can showcase their bookmarks proudly, sharing their reading achievements with family and friends. 

3. Reading passport: Collecting stamps on a literary journey

Take your child on a reading passport adventure, where each book they complete earns them a stamp or sticker. As their passport fills up, it becomes a visual representation of their reading journey, inspiring them to embark on new literary adventures and celebrate their progress along the way. 

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4. Certificates and awards: Acknowledging reading success

Certificates and awards play an integral role in recognising children's reading achievements. Celebrate milestones such as reaching a certain number of books read, completing a series, or mastering a challenging genre. These accolades will motivate your child to continue their reading journey with enthusiasm and determination. 

What a great way to learn and have fun at the same time! My daughter is 4 and loves ABC Reading Eggs. She really enjoys seeing the eggs hatch into a new critter as a reward for completing each stage. Thank you all SO much, I will definitely recommend this to ALL of our friends!” – Nova 

5. Reading wall of fame: Showcasing accomplishments

Designate a special wall or noticeboard as a reading wall of fame. Display pictures or short summaries of books your child has read, creating a visually stunning celebration of their reading accomplishments. This serves as a constant reminder of their progress and inspires them to explore more books. 


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6. Reading journals: Capturing thoughts and progress

Encourage your child to keep a reading journal, where they can record their thoughts, favourite quotes, or summaries of books they have read. These journals can serve as personal reflections of their reading journey and allow them to revisit their most loved stories and characters, further enhancing their reading achievement experience. 

7. Surprise rewards: Motivation through exciting surprises

Implement a surprise rewards system where your child can earn points or tokens for reaching reading milestones. They can exchange these points for surprise rewards, such as small toys, special outings, or extra reading time. These surprises add an element of excitement and keep children engaged and motivated to achieve more.

8. Reading challenges: Setting goals and celebrating success

Encourage your child to take on reading challenges, such as reading a certain number of books within a timeframe or exploring new genres. Celebrate their success when they complete these challenges, fostering a sense of accomplishment and inspiring them to push their reading boundaries. 

9. Celebrating with grandparents or friends: Intergenerational reading

Encourage your little one to share their reading accomplishments with their grandparents. Set up special reading sessions where they can choose a book they have read or completed and read it aloud to their grandparents. This not only allows children to showcase their reading skills but also strengthens the bond between generations. Grandparents can offer words of encouragement, share their own favourite childhood stories and create lasting memories connected to the joy of reading.

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End-of-lesson quizzes keep them moving forward and build their confidence that they’ve understood what they’ve learned. The program also offers personalised certificates you can share online or print out for them to proudly display or show their friends and family.

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By implementing reading rewards, we can create a culture of celebration around children's reading achievements. Through the reading rewards ideas suggested, we not only recognise their progress but instil a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Kids respond so well to rewards, so why not create special memories, while motivating them to explore new books, embark on literary adventures and foster a lifelong love of reading?

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