ABC Reading Eggs Gets You Ready For Big School

A huge milestone for you and your little one is coming soon, so why not give them a chance at a great start to big school.

ABC Reading Eggs is here to help and guide you on the road to school readiness in our specially developed Get Ready for Big School Program. Over 10 weeks your child will get a series of lessons and worksheets to help prepare them for their big day.

Get Ready for Big School with ABC Reading Eggs

The ABC Reading Eggs Get Ready for Big School Program is an online learning program that offers young learners an insight into school life. It's a chance to give them that extra boost of confidence they need for the lessons they'll get in the first year of school.

All it takes is just 15⁠–⁠30 minutes a day to see learning progress. There will be a series of online and offline lessons that your child can take part in. It will coincide with the final term of the school year before their new year starts, so they'll not only grow in confidence with their learning, but gain a feel for a school term.

Why sign up to the Get Ready for Big School Program

  • This program lets your child revisit, consolidate, and build crucial literacy

  • Structured 10‑week curriculum for reading: you'll receive a printable booklet each week filled with activity sheets, an incentive chart, skills overview, and certificate, making it easy to keep your child on track

  • Highly motivating for early learners: the interactive learning programs feature fun activities, entertaining characters and exciting rewards, which make learning feel like a game!
Get Ready For Big School Program
Get Ready For Big School Program

Proven 10‑Week Program to Boost Confidence

Designed by experienced primary teachers and based on proven learning principles, the 10‑week program will help your kids prepare for one of the greatest milestones in their young lives.

You'll receive ongoing support over 10 weeks to make sure your child achieves their maximum potential, including weekly emails and On Demand webinars. Children can also enjoy fun incentives, which will help them stay motivated to keep learning and having fun along the way.

Best of all, your child can complete the entire 10‑week curriculum at home, whether it's on a desktop, iOS, or Android device. Children will love the colourful and engaging lessons that progress at a steady pace. All the while, you'll have real‑time reports to track their progress and printable worksheets that supplement their learning offline.

Why parents love ABC Reading Eggs


“I just wanted to let you know how absolutely fantastic your program is. My son is 4 and was expressing anxiety and reluctance to attend school because he said the reading was “too hard”. We began him on ABC Reading Eggs and the difference has been amazing. He is now so much more confident and happy about learning.

Dr D. Joseph


“I absolutely love ABC Reading Eggs. [My son] is only just 4 and he is doing so well with his reading. I never thought it possible to be honest! He loves it too. The first thing he says in the morning is 'Can we do ABC Reading Eggs please?'”



“I just wanted to let you know that since using ABC Reading Eggs, my son's reading at school has gone up three levels. He was having some trouble with new words but now shows confidence in sounding them out and giving it a go. My daughter is nearly 5 and will start preschool next year, and she also loves ABC Reading Eggs.”



“This program is CLEVER! My son, who had zero interest in sitting down to learn how to read, was excited to play the game. He loved the songs and watching to see what crazy creature would hatch from his eggs. The learning games are solid; they do all the things a great reading instructor would do but with excellent graphics.

Cynthia, Homeschooler


“My children love ABC Reading Eggs. They enjoy learning to read and spell with the lessons. My son struggled with other phonics programs. But he loved ABC Reading Eggs. Opening a new egg after each lesson kept him motivated to finish the program. My daughter loved the Skills Bank part of the program. She was glad ABC Reading Eggs had a spelling section.”

L. Taylor


“The educational aspects of this course are fantastic – the content matches what the kids are doing / would do at school. My 4 yr old son taught himself to read with ABC Reading Eggs during lockdown while his sister was doing schoolwork with me. He loves the new Fast Phonics area.”



Do you need help? Here are some top FAQs to assist.

If you have a paid ABC Reading Eggs subscription you can join the Get Ready for Big School Program. You will receive emails each week with instructions and all the resources you need. Don't have an account? Sign up today!
Please Note, this does not include customers on a free trial period.

The ABC Reading Eggs Get Ready for Big School Program is a 10‑week program in addition to your standard subscription. It includes weekly worksheets and webinars.

The webinars are designed for parents to learn how to assist their children's learning and discover more about the program.

The ABC Reading Eggs Get Ready for Big School worksheets have handwriting activities, so it is recommended they are printed.

No, this is a self‑directed home learning course. The program and directions have been developed by experienced teachers, to be completed in your own time. You will receive an ABC Reading Eggs Get Ready for Big School parent guide which will tell you what your child will be learning throughout the week.

You can add up to four children to your 12‑month subscription and all four can participate in the Get Ready for Big School Program.

  • The 10‑week program contains online lessons, games, and activities, as well as a range of printed materials. You don't need to do all of the set work; choose what works best for your family.

  • Repetition is key for early learners. Though the content may be repetitive, the skills taught can help with future learning.

  • Some children may benefit from more parental input. Discuss the learning for the week and ask your child if they want to collaborate on any components with you.

You can also visit our frequently asked questions for answers to common questions, or select from the popular topics below.