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The Best Reading App for Kids: Proven Results!

ABC Reading Eggs is the multi‑award winning reading app for kids aged 2–13, proven to increase reading levels in just 15 minutes a day.

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ABC Reading Eggs is the best way to give your child fun and educational screen time that truly makes a difference. Designed by expert Australian educators, the comprehensive reading app teaches kids how to read with a complete program of personalised lessons, highly engaging activities and children's books.

Used by over 10 million children worldwide, ABC Reading Eggs can be accessed on desktop, mobile and tablet devices – making learning possible anywhere!

A complete program rolled into one amazing reading app

  • ABC Reading Eggs is truly built to last, supporting your child's reading development from ages 2–13
  • Provides hundreds of hours of learning and a huge variety of activities
  • Includes a massive library of over 2500 colourful e‑books
  • Real‑time progress reports show you exactly how your child is improving
  • Teaches all the essential reading skills needed for success, including phonics, sight words and comprehension.

Why your child will love the fun‑filled reading app

  • Guided lessons are easy to follow and match your child's ability
  • Catchy songs, interactive activities and colourful animations make learning to read feel like a game!
  • 500+ printable worksheets reinforce the online lessons
  • Exciting rewards motivate children to stay on track.

WATCH: Parents and children love ABC Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs is an absolute winner in our household! Oscar's come on in leaps and bounds at school.
– Bec Judd, proud parent

Ava now recognises all her letters and sounds. It's been a really good building block for starting school next year!"
– Deanne

We've tried other programs and nothing compares to this, she's just learned so much!" – Roslyn

Verified Reviews

On average, ABC Reading Eggs customers rate the program 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

91% of parents have noticed an improvement in their child's reading ability.

Reading Eggs has received numerous awards, endorsements and seals of approval.

ABC Reading Eggs has received numerous awards, endorsements and seals of approval.

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Ages 2–4

First Steps
Delight your toddler with fun games and activities that build alphabet knowledge and ready‑to‑read skills.

Screenshot from Reading Eggs Junior

Ages 3–7

Learning to Read
Children follow structured, one‑on‑one lessons that teach phonics, sight words and reading skills.

Screenshot from Reading Eggs

Ages 7–13

Building Confidence
Older children can continue building key literacy skills that will help them succeed in school.

Screenshot from Reading Eggspress

Ages 3–9

Learning Maths
Nurture an early love of maths with structured lessons and activities that build essential maths skills.

Screenshot from Mathseeds

Trusted Reviews

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