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3 Ways Phonics Games Help Kids

3 Ways Phonics Games Help Kids

Providing an introduction to the alphabet and reading, phonics games help kids understand the relationship between sounds (also known as phonemes) and letters. As a fun a and highly motivational learning method, phonics games can be found online, usually as part of a wider reading program such as ABC Reading Eggs.

Here follows 3 ways phonics games can help your kids learn to read:

1. Identify Letters

Phonics games will usually introduce the child to each letter of the alphabet, demonstrating what the letter looks like and the name of the letter. In ABC Reading Eggs, each letter of the alphabet is introduced in its own lesson, presenting the child with multiple visual representations of the letter to help them commit the letter to memory.

2. Link letters to their sounds

The most critical part of phonics games is the explicit link they demonstrate between an individual letter of the alphabet and its sound. Each lesson in ABC Reading Eggs introduces a new letter of the alphabet with a focus on reinforcing letter-sound relationships and highlighting the alphabetic principle. For example, an early lesson introducing the letter m uses a highly engaging a highly engaging animation of Sam the Ant who introduces a range of interactive activities to reinforce the letter’s sound and its shape. This part of the lesson also features a memorable song that helps to the child retain the letter and its sound to memory.

3. Applying letter sounds to reading

Once a child has an understanding of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, most phonics games, including ABC Reading Eggs, help kids understand how letters and their sounds feature in words. In ABC Reading Eggs, these same words feature in the ebook that children read at the end of the lesson. These ebooks, which are carefully matched to the child’s current reading ability, give children the opportunity to practise the letter-sound correspondences they have learnt in this and earlier lessons by reading extended text.


My first grade son truly enjoys his time on ABC Reading Eggs. It has helped him in particular with sight words, word families, fluency, and confidence. He loves to “hatch” his new characters and collect the golden eggs. The beginning evaluation accurately placed him at the correct level, allowing him to be successful and challenged.”

- Anne S.

ABC Reading Eggs is one of the best interactive reading programs available. It is easy to use, is motivating for the students and the activities are sequential. If we judge the success of a program based on students’ enthusiasm and understanding then ABC Reading Eggs is an absolute ‘winner’!

- Julie Hughes, Mt Warren Park

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