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The Best Online Reading Books for Kids

The Best Online Reading Books for Kids

The internet is an invaluable learning resource, with thousands of reading books available online for kids. These online reading books are usually called ebooks, and can be downloaded or viewed online either on their own or as part of a wider reading program. Some of the best online reading books for kids include some of the following features:

1. Match your child’s reading ability

It’s important that the books, found online or otherwise, your child sets out to read match their current reading ability. If they read a book that is too easy it may fail to provide them with the necessary challenge to keep them engaged and motivated to learn. If they read a book that is too hard they may feel overwhelmed and discouraged when they struggle with words and themes beyond their current level.

2. Appeal to your child’s interests or current learning

Choosing a book that your child will not only learn from but also enjoy is critical to developing an early positive association with books in your child. The more your child looks forward to reading and derives enjoyment from it, the more effectively they will pick up new words, spelling, grammar and comprehension skills. Select ebooks that deal with topics your child has an interest in or are studying in school.

3. Read ebooks that are part of a reading program

ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress feature over 3,000 ebooks. These ebooks reinforce the skills learnt in previous lessons of the program and they resemble real books, featuring high-quality, colour illustrations and pages that turn through animation. The ebooks are also read aloud by a narrator who models fluent reading. This narrator can also be turned off so that the ebook can be reread without any help. The range of online reading books for kids in ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress includes many genres and age groups, and are available free with any subscription to ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress.


Thank you for providing a fantastic resource that ALL of my class love! They are able to access the learning experiences at their own instructional level and work independently, both at school and from home.

- Peta Bullen, Tewantin State School

My first grade son truly enjoys his time on ABC Reading Eggs. It has helped him in particular with sight words, word families, fluency, and confidence. He loves to “hatch” his new characters and collect the golden eggs. The beginning evaluation accurately placed him at the correct level, allowing him to be successful and challenged.”

- Anne S.

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