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Big News! Mathseeds and Reading Eggs Meet ESSA Rating Evidence Standards

ABC Mathseeds and ABC Reading Eggs’ ESSA Certification

We’re thrilled to announce that our multi award-winning maths program, ABC Mathseeds has earned the Level II evidence certification under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Our acclaimed reading program, ABC Reading Eggs, has also been accredited for meeting Level III evidence requirements in compliance with the ESSA outcomes.

ESSA's Tiers of Evidence serve as a powerful framework, helping schools and districts identify high quality programs that boost student outcomes.

ABC Mathseeds and ABC Reading Eggs partnered with LearnPlatform to analyse the efficacy of both programs.

The study gathered data from thousands of students to examine the relationship between program usage and students’ achievement (NWEA MAP® scaled reading and mathematics scores).

ABC Mathseeds’ proven effectiveness

Students who used ABC Mathseeds showed higher maths achievement.

It was found that K–2 students who regularly used ABC Mathseeds had higher end-of-year NWEA MAP® achievement – with regular usage defined as an average of 48 lessons completed – compared to students who had low use of the program.

Furthermore, Grade 1 students who completed more ABC Mathseeds lessons had statistically significantly higher end-of-year maths achievement.

In addition, Grade 3 students who used ABC Mathseeds had slightly higher mathematics scores on NWEA MAP® at the end of the year than students who did not use the program.

A total of 764 K–2 students, and 705 Grade 3 students from ten elementary schools in one district participated in this study.

While the K–2 sample comprised mostly of ABC Mathseeds users, the Grade 3 sample had 100 students who did not use the program.

Mathseeds is a great tool in my classroom. It engages my students with intellectual disabilities and ASD. The short videos, variety of activities and catchy songs suit my students' abilities. I am able to keep track of student progress using reports and quizzes which then inform my planning and teaching. Kait Hawksford, Teacher

Mathseeds is a great tool for setting homework (time saving for me). It's fun, interactive and my students love it! They always come back and tell me how much they love doing Mathseeds.Emra Han, Teacher

ABC Reading Eggs’ proven effectiveness

Students who used ABC Reading Eggs also showed higher reading achievement.

The findings showed that those with higher ABC Reading Eggs usage outperformed their peers who had low or moderate use. Kindergarten and Grade 1 students achieved statistically significant higher reading accomplishments.  

Students who completed 51–121 total ABC Reading Eggs lessons had higher end-of-year NWEA MAP® reading achievement compared to peers who completed 0–50 lessons.

Even Kindergarten and Grade 1 students who completed more lessons achieved significantly higher reading accomplishments.

The study sample comprised 1,756 K–2 students from 10 elementary schools in one district.

I highly recommend Reading Eggs to be incorporated into your lessons. It provides appropriate activities, demonstrates students’ progress and data, whilst also providing teacher toolkits to incorporate in the classroom. The kids absolutely love it! Maddison, Teacher

I have observed, after 32 years of teaching, that this program [Reading Eggs] definitely brings progress to all readers. My students enjoy the games, reading the stories, and completing assignments at home! Stacy Desormeaux, Teacher

“Early reading and maths skills are strong predictors for future academic success,” said Katy Pike, Chief Product Officer at 3P Learning, the company behind ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds.

ABC Reading Eggs supports educators and students with a comprehensive online literacy curriculum, using thousands of ready-made self-paced lessons, activities and resources. Our ABC Mathseeds program provides a positive problem-solving attitude towards maths and draws on principles of effective mathematical pedagogy and instruction,” she added.

“When used together, students can get a head start in developing strong reading and maths foundational skills at an early age. The study led by LearnPlatform has proven the efficacy of our programs, and we are proud to be backed by an evidence-based study recognised by ESSA.”

ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds now ESSA-certified

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