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Disadvantages of Reading Eggs (Exploring the Unexpected Quirks)

what are the disadvantages of reading eggs

It’s not all golden eggs and reading triumphs, is it?

When it comes to the best-rated educational apps for kids, ABC Reading Eggs continues to live up to the hype even after 15 years. Designed to make learning to read easy and fun, the program has helped over 20 million children worldwide develop their reading skills in a matter of a few short weeks.

But what if we told you there's more to ABC Reading Eggs than meets the eye? Here we’ll explore some of the downsides of ABC Reading Eggs, according to our most loyal and honest reviewers.

1. Catchy tunes that get stuck in your head!

One of the first things you'll notice when your child starts kicking some serious learning goals in ABC Reading Eggs is its catchy songs and rhymes. They're not just fun; they're an essential tool in teaching young learners essential reading and phonics skills. While these melodies may occasionally pop into your head unexpectedly, you'll come to appreciate how effectively they nurture your child's reading confidence.

2. Golden egg rewards: a bit too hard to resist?

The rewards system in ABC Reading Eggs is the key to keeping children motivated to continue learning. After completing lessons, activities and books, children are rewarded with golden eggs, a virtual currency that can be used to purchase exciting items such as new clothing for their avatar or furniture for their in-game house. It's so motivating that even parents might be tempted to get in on the action. You might find yourself setting up your own profile (you can add up to four users per account) for some sneaky late-night sessions, racking up enough golden eggs to adorn your digital alter-ego in the style you always dreamed of.

“We love Reading Eggs! Have used it before with other kids, and it really helps! It’s funny and goofy and a great way to practice and learn to read.” – Wren, verified 5-star review

3. Bitter-sweet memories of your own reading journey

Young reader facing reading challenges

Gone are the days of yawn-inducing reading lessons. Where was Reading Eggs when we were kids?

As you watch your child embark on a reading adventure full of joy and excitement, you might find yourself reminiscing about your own reading journey. Learning to read wasn't nearly as enjoyable back then. You can't help but feel a touch of nostalgia and perhaps even a smidgeon of envy for this new generation.

4. Counting the costs of other less effective reading tools

Do you shudder thinking about the years (and dollars) you've spent on outdated resources that just don't work? ABC Reading Eggs comes to the rescue with its scientifically backed approach, crafted by educators with over 30 years of experience. Prepare to face the harsh truth about past expenditures and discover a more worthwhile investment in your child's literacy journey.

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5. Saying goodbye to gadgets and gimmicks

Be prepared to witness the great 'gadget' exodus in your home. Once your kids discover the captivating world of ABC Reading Eggs, they might cast aside their once-beloved playthings as nothing else can measure up to the adventure in store.

6. The popularity predicament

With ABC Reading Eggs' immense popularity, you might wish you'd hopped on the bandwagon sooner. Your children's friends won't stop raving about their top scores, certificates and rewards and you'll wonder why you didn't join in the fun earlier.

“The characters and songs are silly and fun, while the tasks are challenging and progressively more difficult. We have used several free and trial subscriptions to other phonics programs, but Reading Eggs has by far been our favourite.” – Flora, Homeschooler

7. Neglecting chores for learning to read

Child reluctantly doing chores with the promise of 15 minutes on Reading Eggs as a reward.

“Finish your chores and you can have 15 more minutes on Reading Eggs!”

The allure of ABC Reading Eggs can lead to a temporary drop in your children's enthusiasm for household chores. Be prepared for a little resistance when you ask them to pause their reading journey to complete their daily responsibilities!

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8. The never-ending "Please, just one more lesson!”

The highly engaging nature of ABC Reading Eggs might result in your kids begging for just one more lesson before bedtime. It's a testament to the program's addictive and educational qualities. Good thing there are 3000 children’s books in the app itself – so they can at least read themselves to sleep.

9. Stifling creativity in parents

The interactive world of ABC Reading Eggs lets children decorate their in-game house, dress up their avatar, write and illustrate new stories and so much more! This may leave parents wishing for a grown-up version to unleash their creativity. It's hard not to feel a little envious of the fun your children are having.

“Finally, instead of watching a cartoon after school, she will do Reading Eggs and only watch cartoons on weekends. So, from watching cartoons every day and not being able to read, we went to Reading Eggs every day, watching cartoons on weekends only and recently she started reading at breakfast time. We are so proud of the progress she has made. I will recommend to all parents who struggle.” – Stephen, verified 5-star review

10. Becoming the ultimate competitive parent

You can't help but boast about your child's estimated reading age on Reading Eggs, and how you can barely keep up with how quickly it progresses. With ABC Reading Eggs the friendly competition becomes a way of life and you'll find yourself proudly celebrating your child's incredible milestones.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the unexpected charms that make ABC Reading Eggs an irresistible choice for families. If you're ready to embark on the fun-filled learning adventure, sign up for our free 30-day trial today and see how your child’s reading can improve in just weeks.

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