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The Best Educational Apps For Kids

Girl enjoying learning on an educational app

The comprehensive ABC Reading Eggs app and our many other standalone maths apps and literacy apps, make learning on the go fun and easy for kids. Free Trial.

Did you know that ABC Reading Eggs has a whole suite of fun, engaging educational apps? Whether you have a toddler, a pre-teen, or a child in between, we have an array of literacy and maths apps to cater to them all. Our learning apps are the definition of positive screen‑time, educating children while they have fun! You can confidentially let your little learner jump on their iPad or phone knowing our carefully designed apps have been developed by educational experts.

There are so many positives when it comes to boosting or reinforcing kids’ learning skills with our educational apps; the fun, engaging reading and maths activities, games and videos are perfect for learning on the go and helping kids to learn independently. Being very interactive and easy to use, ABC Reading Eggs apps keep kids motivated and on task. Educational apps are also a great tool to combine with our worksheets if you’re homeschooling, too.

Check out our expansive list of awesome reading and maths apps to make the most of your child’s ABC Reading Eggs experience:


This very comprehensive app is ABC Reading Eggs’ main app. Brimming with hundreds of engaging reading and phonics lessons, spelling and alphabet games, plus videos, word puzzles and over 3,000 e‑books for kids to learn on the go!

Included in the ultimate educational app are ABC Reading Eggs Junior (for toddlers and pre‑schoolers), ABC Reading Eggs, Fast Phonics (for in‑depth phonics skills), ABC Reading Eggspress (covers spelling and comprehension) and ABC Mathseeds (for early mathematics skills). Just log in with your subscription details or sign up for a free 30‑day trial.

Best of all, hopping on the ABC Reading Eggs Learn to Read app for only 15 minutes a day can get kids reading within weeks – and give you your laptop back.

Features and Benefits include:

  • A comprehensive learn‑to‑read system for 2 to 13‑year‑olds, covering the five essential components of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

  • Ability to match children to their perfect learning level so they can progress with self‑paced, one‑on‑one lessons.

  • Based on scientific research and learning principles on the most effective way for kids to learn to read.

  • Motivating rewards that keep kids wanting to progress and build on their knowledge, including collectible pets and golden eggs.

  • High success rate and hundreds of positive testimonials make this the ultimate learning to read program.

  • Ability to access the program on a tablet device, so kids can learn to read anywhere, anytime!

Brilliant app!

"I have three children, my oldest are 10 and 11 and they both absolutely loved this app. I believe that if you can make learning fun, kids don’t even realise they’re learning stuff and just enjoy what they are doing. And that is what I feel ABC Reading Eggs does brilliantly. My 5‑year‑old son loves this and had some difficulties in kindy and with a combined effort from parents, teachers and some “fun” learning on the side, I believe ABC Reading Eggs really helped my son to catch up and even overtake kids in his class now! Love it and I recommend it to anyone who is needing some extra help with learning to read."

- Jae Bee707

Focus on Literacy with our FREE Educational Apps

If you’d like to focus on certain literacy aspects like phonics and sight words, we’ve got educational apps for that too!

The Eggy Alphabet App makes learning the alphabet simple, while building on handwriting skills too, in a thorough, educationally sound app. Reinforcing learning all 26 upper‑ and lower‑case letters of the alphabet, this highly interactive app also includes activities to boost phonemic awareness and letter‑sound skills. Plus, there are fun rewards!

Designed to help children recognise and learn words that skilled readers should know automatically “at sight.” This app features a fun game to teach the first 250 sight words. Once these key words are picked up, your child will find it easier to read fluently, helping the brain focus so comprehension and the joy of reading becomes easier!

Learn on the Go with the Reading Eggs App

Gain access to hundreds of online reading lessons, interactive learning games, songs and videos to support your child's learning at home. Get a free 30‑day ABC Reading Eggs trial so your child can learn on the go with the Reading Eggs App today!

Free Trial

Phonics is so important for kids to learn to read successfully, and this educational app’s multisensory approach reinforces key skills through 20 fun, interactive levels. Kids see, hear, read, spell and write every word to practise and develop a range of essential early reading skills. Various rewards kids will keep kids motivated as they learn.

These apps are FREE, as are the Eggy Vocabulary, Eggy Word Snap, and Eggy Nursery Rhymes apps. Download today so your child can hone their literacy skills while having fun. All perfect for kids aged 3 years and up.

Marvelous Maths Apps for Numeracy Success

We’ve got dozens of brilliant educational apps to help kids become maths whizzes, learning essential numeracy skills, building on and reinforcing their maths abilities. Brought to you by the same team of experienced educators that created our multi‑award winning educational ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds programs, these numeracy apps are a terrific addition to your kids’ early childhood education.

Young children will LOVE learning their numbers from 1–10 with these hands‑on activities, bright animations and motivating rewards! Buddy the Acorn guides your kids, helping them remain on task as they collect 18 new critters and 138 golden acorns!

Eggy Add to 20 will helps kids master maths skills with six interactive games and two difficulty levels for each activity. The app keeps children motivated with bright animations, catchy music and 15 Mashies characters to unlock and earn!

This app is great for older kids aged 5–10 to learn their all-important multiplication skills. This educational app builds and reinforces multiplication knowledge using five highly interactive games. Each activity has two or three levels to complete so that children can improve and make real progress. Kids will love throwing multiplication pies at Grandpa, stopping the spider from getting the bugs, connecting bees to their matching flowers helping cute character Ali jump home and completing a multiplication grid.

If your kids thrived and loved these apps, why not try Eggy Numbers to 100 and Eggy Subtract to 20 too!

Telling the Time Educational App

Telling the time can be tricky for kids, but not with the clever, easy‑to‑use Eggy Time app! Watch your child learn this important skill the fun way.

Eggy Time is a fantastic, engaging app that helps 4 to 8‑year‑olds Eggy learn to tell the time. The app develops skills and concepts to assist with telling time using five highly interactive games. Children get to set the hands and numbers on several clocks, read and match times (including o’clock times), half hours and quarter hours, as well as exploring time estimation. Best of all it is the most fun way to learn to tell the time!

Eggsperts Apps – FREE interactive appisodes kids will love

There are four FREE awesome Eggsperts apps that kids aged 3+ will love watching, interacting and playing along with! Rather than just viewing passively, children get to enjoy some positive screen time, with appisodes and fun educational games thrown in!

Kids join in on the adventure along with our lovable Eggsperts Sam, Jazz and Tom. Setting off from their quaint village of Eggleston, their quests span four amazing lands as they search for clues, hatch eggs and meet new friends along the way.

9. The Star Jumps, Wings, Speedy and Bubbles Eggsperts Apps

Why not download all these FREE fun, educational apps to keep your little ones happy and busy on long trips.

Features include:

  • full‑length, stunning 3D and high‑quality animated episodes

  • three fun and interactive educational games to boost letters and sounds knowledge.

  • karaoke sing‑alongs to the Eggsperts songs.

Our apps are created with children’s best interest in mind, so that they can learn while enjoying some positive screen time. They are compatible on iOS and Android devices, so children can pick up important educational skills in an engaging way on the go! Why not try them all? We’d love to know which app was your child’s favourite!

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