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NEW Read Aloud Fluency: Assess Fluency with Ease and Build Student Reading Proficiency in Just Minutes a Day!

New Read Aloud Fluency Feature

Ready to make assessing reading fluency easier?

Judging by the number of requests we received for this upgrade, the answer is yes!

Introducing the ALL-NEW Read Aloud Fluency feature in ABC Reading Eggspress!

Tired of time-consuming fluency assessments? Read Aloud Fluency streamlines the process, making it easier to manage. Concerned about student stress? This feature allows them to practise reading in a pressure-free environment. Most importantly, Read Aloud Fluency helps you identify areas for improvement in your students' reading! Get ready to see their fluency skills soar!

Why reading fluency matters

Reading fluency is one of the five essential pillars of reading success.

It's not just the ability to recognise words but also reading with speed, accuracy and prosody (the natural rhythm, intonation and expression of speech).

Fluent readers comprehend text more effectively, leading to improved overall literacy skills.

HEAR the difference: How Read Aloud Fluency works

The Read Aloud Fluency feature allows you to seamlessly assess, monitor and improve your students' fluency skills with just a few clicks.

Here's how Read Aloud Fluency works:

  • Effortless assignment: Teachers can assign a read-aloud activity, either a book or a chapter, via ABC Reading Eggspress assignments or the Teacher Library. Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial.

Assigning a Read Aloud Fluency Activity in ABC Reading Eggspress
  • Pressure-free recording: Students record themselves reading for one minute in a stress-free environment of their choice. To alleviate performance anxiety and ensure confidence and accuracy, they have three attempts. If students encounter microphone or file submission issues, they'll have the opportunity to switch to a device with a working microphone and try again later.

ABC Reading Eggspress Read Aloud Fluency Assignment
  • Convenient assessment: Teachers can then remotely listen to these recordings, assess fluency and provide personalised, constructive feedback on student performance.

  • Valuable insights: Dive deeper with comprehensive reports showcasing improvements over time. These reports, tailored to Lexile standards, provide a holistic view of each student's growth.

  • Please note: For effective Read Aloud Fluency reporting, teachers must input their feedback—such as scores, words per minute and comments—into the system. Additionally, this feature requires students to have access to a microphone and to grant permission for microphone use.

Why you'll LOVE the brand-new Read Aloud Fluency feature

Assigning read-aloud activities frees up valuable classroom time and fosters a relaxed environment, ultimately enhancing your students' reading success!

What’s in it for students?

Goodbye sweaty palms and breaking voice!

With Read Aloud Fluency, stress and anxiety vanish, allowing your students to record themselves from the comfort of their own home, boosting their confidence and improving fluency.

How to create a Read Aloud Fluency assignment in a few simple steps?

Assigning a Read Aloud Fluency task is a breeze, whether you’re a seasoned ABC Reading Eggspress user or a beginner.

To create a new assignment, follow one of these two simple methods:

1. Directly from the Teacher Library:

  1. Log in to your ABC Reading Eggs account.

  2. Go to the Teacher Library.

  3. Select a book from the library.

  4. Assign it as a Read Aloud Fluency activity to your students. If the book is a chapter book, you can opt to assign specific chapters.

Read Aloud Fluency Activity in Reading Eggspress

2. Via ABC Reading Eggspress Assignments:

  1. Log in to your ABC Reading Eggs account.

  2. From the ABC Reading Eggspress menu section, select Assignments.

  3. Create Assignment.

Read Aloud Fluency Activity in Reading Eggspress

Log in to experience the NEW Read Aloud Fluency feature today!

Boost reading fluency with a FREE 30-day trial!

New to ABC Reading Eggs? The new Read Aloud Fluency feature in ABC Reading Eggspress makes assessing fluency easier than ever. Effortlessly assign read-aloud activities, receive student recordings and provide personalised feedback all in a stress-free environment. See student fluency soar in just minutes a day!

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