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The Perfect Duo for Unstoppable Literacy Growth: ABC Reading Eggs & Writing Legends

Improve your students reading and writing

Please note: Writing Legends is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom only.

The power of literacy: When reading and writing unite

Confident readers who can express themselves clearly? Yes, please!

When it comes to literacy, the most powerful learning occurs when reading comprehension and writing are taught hand in hand.

Strong comprehension involves dissecting texts, grasping complex ideas and appreciating language nuances.

Students who can analyse and interpret what they read are not only better equipped to acquire knowledge but also articulate their insights with clarity and confidence.

Writing bridges the gap between understanding and expression, allowing students to effectively communicate their knowledge.

It's where they can apply their insights and put grammar and vocabulary into meaningful practice.

ABC Reading Eggspress, included in your ABC Reading Eggs subscription, and Writing Legends, our systematic online writing program, aren't just separate programs; they're a powerful team.

Here, we’ll explore how ABC Reading Eggspress equips students with essential comprehension strategies, while Writing Legends provides the ideal platform to solidify those skills through engaging writing practice.

What’s included in ABC Reading Eggspress

ABC Reading Eggspress (alongside ABC Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics) uses evidence-based teaching with an engaging combination of animated lessons, teaching videos, interactive activities and playful exercises.

This keeps students highly motivated as they develop their reading and comprehension skills.

Guided practice and systematic and explicit teaching ensure students grasp each skill before moving on.

By focusing on a single skill at a time and providing ample practice opportunities, learners are empowered to succeed.

Five fun learning zones

ABC Reading Eggspress offers five exciting zones where students can explore and learn:

My Lessons: Expertly designed lessons equip students with a toolkit of strategies to unlock the deeper meaning within texts. By engaging with literal, inferential and critical thinking questions, students become confident readers, ready to approach any text with curiosity and understanding.

English Skills: Students master tricky spelling rules and conventions through teaching videos, interactive activities and rewarding games. Varied instruction including visual memory, definitions, word families, word sorts and proofreading accommodate different learning styles.

Library: Over 4,000 e-books with built-in comprehension questions ensure students grasp the material while completed quizzes offer valuable feedback. With rewards for correct answers, students are encouraged to engage deeply with the content, boosting comprehension.

Reading Journal: This interactive journal is more than just a place to celebrate reading achievements; it fosters deeper engagement with the text. By reflecting on their journey, students make connections and solidify their understanding.

Stadium: Put spelling, grammar, vocabulary and fluency skills to the test in this arena spectacular that transforms learning into a fun competition. Students compete with classmates and their peers from around the world, tackling challenges that reinforce comprehension. Leaderboards and real-time results encourage them to strive for greatness!

Learning Zones in Reading Eggspress

Easy progress tracking to close learning gaps

Need to track and measure student growth to pinpoint your teaching?

The comprehensive Reports Dashboard provides clear data to see how students are progressing throughout the program.

Track individual and class performance in lessons, quizzes, reading volume and more.

This detailed information allows you to identify areas where students might need extra support and tailor your instruction accordingly.

Assigning specific lessons, quizzes, or library books is effortless.

With just a few clicks, you can personalise learning for individuals or an entire class, track completion rates and review results for all assigned work, ensuring no student falls behind.

Reading Eggspress Reports Dashboard

Look inside Writing Legends

Writing Legends, our online writing program for students in years 1–6, is designed to spark creativity and nurture strong writing skills.

It simplifies writing instruction, allowing teachers to effectively model text structures, while offering students engaging, independent practice.

Watch our video to learn more!

Featuring carefully sequenced, engaging lessons, Writing Legends supports and enables every student with:

Improve Student Writing with Writing Legends

ABC Reading Eggspress and Writing Legends form the perfect duo to bridge the gap between reading comprehension and confident writing.

Together, they empower students on their literacy journey, fostering a love of language and the ability to use it effectively.

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Watch your students master sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary with Writing Legends! Our interactive program offers engaging activities, immediate feedback and scaffolded learning to build strong writing skills – one step at a time. Start your free trial today!

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