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ABC Mathseeds is a Finalist in the Prestigious 2024 EdTech Awards!

Mathseeds EdTech Awards Finalist 2024

We're delighted to announce that ABC Mathseeds, our award-winning online maths program for early learners, has been named as a finalist in the Maths Solutions category of the EdTech Awards 2024!

The EdTech Awards is the world's largest and most prestigious recognition program for education technology.

Each year, it celebrates the most exceptional products, leaders and trendsetters transforming the education landscape.

With a rigorous judging process evaluating criteria like pedagogical workability, efficacy, support, value and potential impact, the EdTech Awards sets a high bar for finalist selection.

Being named a finalist is a significant honour that highlights ABC Mathseeds' excellence, innovation and proven impact in accelerating early maths outcomes.

What sets ABC Mathseeds apart?

Earning finalist status signifies that ABC Mathseeds is among the best online maths programs for early learners, offering:

  • Captivating and effective learning: ABC Mathseeds understands that young students thrive when learning is interactive and multi-sensory. Playful animations, self-paced activities and motivating rewards keep learners engaged while building critical maths skills.

  • Deeper conceptual understanding: Rather than relying on rote learning, ABC Mathseeds facilitates in-depth exploration of key maths topics, promoting long-term retention and transferable knowledge.

  • Individual learning paths: A meticulously sequenced, standards-aligned curriculum ensures each student begins at the appropriate level and progresses at their own optimal pace.

ESSA-certified and backed by research to significantly improve maths skills

Beyond its engaging approach, ABC Mathseeds is a trusted teacher favourite for its proven ability to accelerate maths achievement, backed by ESSA evidence standards.

Independent research shows students using ABC Mathseeds increase their maths levels faster than non-users.

Comprehensive reports also empower data-driven instruction by uncovering individual strengths and gaps.

"ABC Mathseeds allows us to pinpoint what the skill gaps are so teachers can provide targeted instruction and use the data to make informed decisions to accelerate each student's maths growth." Susan Lozada, Principal at Reading School District

Ready to see what ABC Mathseeds can do for your students?

See firsthand why ABC Mathseeds is driving positive learning outcomes as a leading maths solution for early learners.

Request a free trial to experience the difference today!

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Experience award-winning maths for early learners!

See why ABC Mathseeds, a finalist in the prestigious EdTech Awards 2024, is captivating students and accelerating growth. Discover the engaging, effective approach to building a strong foundation in maths with a free trial today!

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