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Unlock Phonics Success: Your Ultimate Guide to Decodable Readers (PLUS Bonus Decodables Catalogue!)

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Explore our vast collection of 450+ fiction and non-fiction decodable readers spanning diverse themes to boost phonics skills at home. PLUS, get your BONUS downloadable PDF catalogue, perfect for homeschooling, that makes it possible to use ANY systematic, synthetic phonics program.

In the realm of home-based reading instruction for children, decodable books are a crucial stepping stone to reading proficiency.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the importance of decodable books and their significance for homeschoolers seeking effective reading solutions for their children. 

Elevate your child’s homeschool journey with decodable readers

Experience early reading success with Fast Phonics, an essential part of the ABC Reading Eggs suite. Seamlessly integrate systematic phonics into your home classroom and gain access to 450 decodable books and free homeschooling resources!

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What are decodable books?  

Decodable books are tailored reading materials meticulously crafted to align with the phonetic principles that children are learning.

These books incorporate sounds and phonics rules, allowing children to apply their newfound knowledge to real reading experiences.

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Why are decodable books important when teaching reading to homeschoolers?

For homeschoolers, decodable books hold the key to rapid advancements in reading skills.

These books bridge the gap between phonetic instruction and reading fluency and offer children a chance to practise decoding words and sentences in a context that makes sense.

Unlock phonics potential with our BONUS downloadable catalogue!

Tailored to meet the needs of homeschooling parents worldwide, our bonus catalogue has been thoughtfully curated to address specific phonics requirements in each region (US, UK and AU). Our catalogue provides a handy list of grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs) taught with our books that correlate. Dive into a wealth of resources to elevate your phonics journey, whether you're using ABC Reading Eggs or any other Systematic, Synthetic Phonics (SSP) program.

Download your FREE Decodable Books Catalogue here!

Access our free decodable books catalogue that makes it possible to use ANY systematic, synthetic phonics program and supplement it with our library books. By listing out the taught phonemes, parents can efficiently find books to match. Dive into your catalogue in Fast Phonics, a proven systematic phonics program included in your Reading Eggs FREE trial!

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Fast Phonics decodable books for homeschoolers  

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Our collection of Fast Phonics decodable books includes over 450 titles for homeschooling parents.

The Fast Phonics program introduces systematic synthetic phonics in a fun online format. This exciting journey is divided into 20 Peaks, each filled with captivating phonics games focused on specific sets of letters and sounds.

As your child progresses, they'll find a match between these decodable books and the phonemes they're learning, reinforcing their understanding and mastery. 

These special books are designed to match the words taught in each corresponding Fast Phonics Peak, making learning engaging and effective.  

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How can decodable books in Fast Phonics support your homeschooling?  

1. Letter and sound practice

Children can reinforce the letters and sounds they're learning in a practical context. 

2. High-frequency words

Our decodable books include high-frequency tricky words (words that can't be decoded with children’s current phonics knowledge like ‘the’, ‘a’, and ‘is’). These are seamlessly integrated into the stories, making it easier for children to remember and use them. 

3. Phonics development stages 

The decodable phonics readers cover various stages of phonics development, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey.

4. Versatility in instruction 

Whether you use the decodable books to cater for whole class homeschooling activities, small group sessions, or independent practice.

5. Alignment with phonics curriculum  

Fast Phonics decodable books align seamlessly with phonics-based homeschooling curricula, that will enhance your children’s overall educational experience. 

6. Nurturing a lifelong love for reading

Children’s love of reading thrives when they have access to engaging stories. The [reading eggs] Library’s decodable books come in a wide range of fiction and non-fiction genres, with fascinating subjects that are sure to inspire, teach and entertain.   

fully decodable books synthetic phonics

Discover this fully decodable synthetic phonics series of books in the ABC Reading Eggs Library. Each book is accompanied by a distinct coloured border, corresponding to a specific Letter and Sounds phase. Free trial.

What sets our decodable books apart?  

Experience the added benefit of a comprehension quiz at the end of each decodable book in ABC Reading Eggs. As your child successfully completes these quizzes, they'll earn golden eggs, a fun reward to personalise their avatars and virtual homes.

Each completed book is also automatically logged in your child’s Reading Journal, to commemorate their reading achievements!

Decodable readers in Fast Phonics

With levels spanning from beginner to advanced stages, the Fast Phonics collection offers a variety of decodable books, ensuring that each child progresses in accordance with best practices in reading instructio backed by research on the science of reading.

decodable books for homeschool

This series of decodable books in the Reading Eggs Library feature sounds that match the order they're taught to making learning consistent. Plus, each book includes questions and exercises to help your child’s understanding.

As dedicated partners in your children's education, we're committed to fostering a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Join us by exploring our extensive catalogue of decodable readers and watch the magic of learning unfold!

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