ABC Reading Eggs Program Overview

Stepping Stones Reading

The Stepping Stones Reading lessons are the core of the ABC Reading Eggs learn-to-read program. Each lesson builds on the previous one to build skills in the five key areas needed to become a good reader: phonemic awareness and phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

The lessons are presented in three broad levels with 40 lessons in each level.

Level 1 Starting Out for absolute beginners, lessons 1-40.
Level 2 Beginning to Read for emerging readers, lessons 41-80.
Level 3 Building confidence for early readers, lessons 81-120.

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Clinker Castle is here!

STORYLANDS, the popular Blake Publishing book series, has now opened in ABC Reading Eggs.

Clinker Castle is the home of a royal family who are larger than life! They live in a castle, have a dragon for a pet and go swimming in their moat.

With 20 new lessons built around the first 20 titles in the Clinker Castle series, children will enjoy exploring the characters and stories of this unique world. The 20 lessons contain 140 activitiesthat cover Emergent and Early reading levels 1 – 10 and build reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Storylands opens after ABC Reading Eggs lesson 60 and is recommended for children who have begun reading but are yet to graduate to ABC Reading Eggspress. Clinker Castle lessons have activities before and after children read the book with the book reader including a good model of fluent reading. Each lesson has a strong focus on building comprehension skills and expanding student’s vocabulary. At the end of each lesson a ten-question quiz assesses reading comprehension skills. Students are rewarded with golden eggs and special items for their house and avatar, as well as opening up extra-special features on their map!

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The Spelling lessons are the core of the ABC Reading Eggs learn-to-spell program. The Spelling Vault contains 96 carefully graded spelling lessons. Each spelling lesson focuses on a 12-word spelling list.
The lessons cover the spelling requirements of the first three years of school with 32 lessons per year level.
Kindergarten/Prep Levels A-D, Lessons 1-32.
Year 1/Grade 1 Levels E-H, Lessons 33-64.
Year 2/Grade 2 Levels I-L, Lessons 65-96.

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Driving Tests

This section of the site assesses reading skills with tests that assess high-frequency sight word knowledge, phonic skills (letters and sounds) and content area vocabulary. Each of the three areas has 15 quizzes, with 20 questions in each quiz. These are mastery quizzes, so a child only moves onto the next quiz after they get all 20 questions correct.

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