ABC Reading Eggs Reviews and Testimonials

ABC Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online reading program designed to help your child learn to read. With hundreds of online reading games and activities, join 10 million parents worldwide and start your child's reading journey now with a free trial!




“We are just over the moon with how well Jaye is doing and how much he's enjoying learning! No pushing required.”

Jess M. Read more


“It's an amazing program that supports the essential foundations of reading – highly interactive and captivating.”

Sarah L. Read more

Special needs

“Thank you ABC Reading Eggs, you are the happy ending to a distressed mother wanting help for her son to learn how to read!”

Josephine M. Read more
I was sceptical when I first trialled ABC Reading Eggs as my son had struggled with other phonics programs. In only a matter of weeks he was picking up sounds and letters so well. He loves the program and I'm amazed by his results. Sharon Furlong, Proud Mum
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