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Try a free ABC Reading Eggs sample lesson below and see how the award-winning learn to read program works using phonics, sight words, online books, and more!

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Lesson 6 – Sample Lesson

Textist Learn about the letter b, including its sound, its shape and words that start with b. The different activities help children focus on these features using a variety of fun games. As with all ABC Reading Eggs lessons, the lesson ends with a book which is read aloud.

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Lesson 26 – Sample Lesson

Textist Make a word family that end with ad. Word families are a great way to build phonics skills and begin to understand how words work. By the end of this lesson, children begin reading books with simple sentences.

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Lesson 43 – Sample Lesson

Textist Build the id word family, and read and make sentences. After the first 40 lessons, children learn more phonics skills and a range of high frequency sight words such as has, and, and said. Children also begin increasing their reading fluency.

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