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Lesson 1 — Part 6

Lesson 1 teaches the letter m, including how to pronounce the letter and identify ‘m’ in words. Part 6 is a Dot to Dot activity that teaches the correct formation of the letter.

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Lesson 3 — Part 7

Lesson 3 teaches the phonemic sound ‘am’ and the high frequency word ‘I’ through listening activities, identifying pictures with ‘am’ sounds, and locating the sounds and letters in sentences.

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Lesson 6 — Part 2

Lesson 5 teaches the letter b. It focuses on identifying the sound ‘b’ and recognising the letter b in words.

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Lesson 11 — Part 8

Lesson 11 teaches the letter n, and also reinforces sounds learned in previous lessons. Part 8 reinforces the sound ‘at’.

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Lesson 26 — Part 11

Wheel of Words activities provide picture clues that help children build vocabulary and develop reading fluency.

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Lesson 43 — Part 6

Island Hop activities appear throughout the program. They help children to recognise sight words in a visually engaging way.

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