ABC Reading Eggs Reviews and Testimonials from Parents

ABC Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online reading program designed to help your child learn to read. With hundreds of online reading games and activities, join 3.4 million parents worldwide and start your child’s reading journey with a FREE trial of ABC Reading Eggs today!

“This is excellent. Given the choice, my son would choose ABC Reading Eggs over Mario Cart. Take that as a big compliment. Thanks and keep up the great work.” – Chris

“Thank you ABC Reading Eggs for a brilliant program. My son is 9 years old with the reading ability of a 5-year-old. I have purchased the [ABC Reading Eggs] Book Packs and the Activity Books and he is coming on well. He loves the website to the extent that he spends hours on it. Thank you for a wonderful program.” – Michelle

“Both of my boys take great pleasure in the ABC Reading Eggs program. I take great pleasure in seeing them take great pleasure. It is an educational experience which not only enhances their reading skills but their computer skills also. Thank you. I am greatly impressed. ” – Vanessa

“Our son Elliot was introduced to ABC Reading Eggs through his school. He has always been a boy who loves to spend hours pouring over comic books and other books that interest him. Since beginning ABC Reading Eggs, this passion has only increased, and his confidence and eagerness to read (and do the lessons), has grown even more. Thank you for producing such a fun, bright, clever, educational and colourful resource. It’s something we love to do together, and we look forward to the weeks and months ahead (and to introducing our younger son to it too).” – Kerry

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