Parent testimonials

“We have been using the reading eggs program for a month now with our 5 year old and she loves it and her teacher has noticed the vast improvement in her sound skills.” – Suzanna

“I am a mum of 5 young boys two of which enjoyed your program so much they would rush home from school to be the first one on. My 5 yr old is now completed he’s waiting on his next map which is “under construction”. The younger kids sit in amazement watching and listening as that ant “Sam” sings and dances he even gets my attention with his catchy rhymes. I just wanted to say what a brillant idea this program is, my 5 year old now corrects his peer’s spelling (sometimes even mine!) So thanks for having it affordable so that a lot of chidren can benefit from this program.” – Mum of 5 boys

“Thanks for Jaye’s progress report. Jaye loves reading eggs and is responding so well. It’s a truly clever program. His Dad and I are really thrilled with what he’s getting out of it. We printed off his first certificate for the Zoo 1 Quiz and he was so proud of it. It’s a great keepsake to mark his progress. ” – Jess

“What a wonderful program! I decided to use the free trial as an opporunity to test whether Tayah, my 3yr old, was ready to learn to read .. and oh yes she was! She completed Map 1 with a Gold Certificate before she turned 3 1/2 and I am amazed at how much she has become aware of words. A couple of days ago whilst driving home, she excitedly yelled out “there’s a ‘the’ Mummy on that sign!” That was music to my ears! I now feel I am giving Tayah quality time sitting with her while she completes her lessons (the housework can wait!). My 20 mth old also repeats everything she hears said on the program in the background, and I am sure she will also become addicted as much as we have when her time comes. Congratulations, and we look forward to a long commitment to your site!” – Vona