Parent testimonials

“Well done reading eggs! What a wonderful program. I have 2 daughters who have just turned 2 and 3 and they love reading eggs. Because of their ages they have trouble using the laptop, but they still can do the lessons with my help. They point to the screen and I click on the things for them. My partner and I can’t believe how much they have learned in the past month. Thanks a million reading eggs team, and keep up the great work!!!” – Ricki

“Hi there, Thanks for this wonderful website. Our 6yr old son missed most of Term 2 this year due to a 2mth overseas holiday. We were assured it would be easy for him to catch up, but it proved to be a real mission. We were even told about 2wks ago he would not be passing and would be kept down as he has missed too much and does not have time to catch up. As he is one of the oldest chidren already, I wasn’t keen for that and very worried about his confidence. Several parents at school mentioned Reading Eggs. So I checked it out. Looked fun so I signed up for the free trial and he has been doing it for less than a week and his reading and phonics have improved so much in only a few days – it is nothing short of a miracle. Until now I didn’t know of any websites that could offer fun, advert-free activities for learning. Not looking any further. He is loving it, and to my surprise, he loves the games but much prefers the phonics and reading activities. The songs at the end of each lesson are funny and entertaining and we gather around to sing along and have a laugh. Congratulations to those behind the creation of this site – you’ve hit the jackpot – now keep working to get more levels going – Luca is catching up fast!! Thank you so much.” – Nicole & Luca

“Just want to say, this website is absolutely fantastic. I’m sure it won’t be long until it is standard practice for every child in Australia to learn to read this way! I have certainly be recommending it to all my friends with pre-schoolers. Thanks.” – Jo

“Hi I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your site is. My son is 3 and had been asking me to help him learn to read (as he already knew his alphabet). I tried your site and he has progressed at a rapid rate and now can read some sentences. I think you should put yourself forward for site design awards as the site is intuitive and allows children to develop mouse skills while they learn to read. I am very happy I came across your site. Well done! ” – Sharon