Parent testimonials

“Thank you so much for this easy to use online learning tool. My twins started school this year and look forward to coming home and getting into their homework each day. We’ve just completed 10 sessons and they are loving it. The constant encouragement is great. Well done ABC Reading Eggs.” – Raecheal

“Hi, I am just sharing our experience of Reading Eggs -my some Huw (age 5y 1mo) is about to start school next term with a reading ability that surpasses most of the kids in his Reception/Grade 1 class. He can sound out words phonetically, knows all his capital and small letters, letter sounds and basic word sounds, and has been practicing readers at the first 4 levels. I have never sat with him and taught him to read, so I assume he has obtained most of these skills from Reading Eggs, plus whatever he has picked up from playing with his 6 y.o. sister, Amy. I am now spreading the word to all other mums who may have internet access.” – Liz

“I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful program for children! My daughter Grace has never been so enthusiastic before at learning! Having just reached level 10 and getting 15/15 on her test she is so very proud! I simply could not believe how quickly, in the space of only 1 week, she has improved! Thank you once again, and we look forward to many more wonderful lessons!” – Claire

“What an ‘eggcellent’ programme. My daughter who is 5 in May and due to start school, loves it, and cant wait to do each lesson. Easy graphics, good pronunciation, a fantastic start to early reading. I will be purchasing the subscription. Well done :)” – Linzi