Parent testimonials

“Thanks Reading Eggs for a wonderful service. My daughter is in Kindy and has really struggled to get a grasp of reading and has not really enjoyed reading, although she LOVES stories. She has now finished 30 Reading Eggs lessons and has loved doing them. I really think it has helped her learning too. Yesterday her teacher said to me for the first time that her reading was ‘great’. I can’t tell you how happy that made me and I think you guys are certainly part of her progress. I also have started my 4 year old son on Reading Eggs and he is starting to enjoy it too. I was amazed that he started to pick up the idea of sounds through your lessons. I have been talking to him for months about what sound words start with and he really hadn’t grasped it, but on Reading Eggs, I think he has started to. With the help of your program I think he will be a lot more school ready and have an easier transition to big school in a years time than my daughter has had. Thanks again, you are really making a difference.” – Brenda

“I would like to thank and applaud you for such an excellent program. My son Isaac (who will be 4 at the end of this month)already had an aptitude for reading and writing and could read and spell a few simple words before we started reading eggs. However since starting reading eggs in September this year, he can now read all the books from books 1,2,3 and 4 and is VERY hungry for more.” – Sharon

“Again, Thank you Reading Eggs team for a really successful program. We are just over the moon with how well Jaye is doing and how much he?s enjoying learning! No pushing required. ” – Jess

“My son is struggling with reading in his first year at school (kindy), so he is really enjoying this (only recently started) and it seems to give him more pride and confidence – he thinks it’s great fun. He said “I love Reading Eggs Mum” and that was music to my ears – so THANKYOU!” – Sharon