ABC Reading Eggs Reviews and Testimonials from Parents

ABC Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online reading program designed to help your child learn to read. With hundreds of online reading games and activities, join 3.4 million parents worldwide and start your child’s reading journey with a FREE trial of ABC Reading Eggs today!

“Our son commenced ABC Reading Eggs about 12 to 18 months prior to going to school. He is in a combined reception/year 1 class. I am telling you this to let you know that our son is the top reader in his class of 26 children! We don’t push him at all, HE pushes us as he WANTS to read ALL the time. Our son is intelligent, determined, and concentrates and focuses extremely well, however, we attribute his desire to read and his enjoyment of reading to ABC Reading Eggs. One of our hopes for our children is a relatively smooth path through school, and ABC Reading Eggs has at least started our son along that path.

We sincerely thank you for devising such a program that our son enjoyed so very much. It has made reading fun and motivated him to read more and more. Reading is such a wonderful gift, and it is so comforting to us that our son will be able to immerse himself in different worlds and experiences the thrill of learning. We will certainly be starting our 3-year-old on the path to ABC Reading Eggs very soon. We have informed the school about ABC Reading Eggs […] and hope that they will introduce it into the school soon. We can’t rave about this program enough – it truly is fantastic.”

Alex & Graham

“I am so thrilled to have found this program. My son thoroughly enjoys it. I can see a huge improvement in his reading. Thank you.” – Neena

“I’m loving this program. I am a primary teacher and the mother of a 3-year-old. Two years ago I discovered your program and mentioned it to some parents who were working with their own children at home. But it wasn’t until I started my son on it, about a month ago, that I discovered what a comprehensive and truly effective program it really is. My son is already reading CVC and some CCVC/CVCC words easily, along with quite a number of sight words.Thank you.” – Gilliane

“Just a short note to tell you how pleased we are with your program. Charlie is four and a half years old and has been using your program for a month or so now. He has progressed to lesson 44 and loves the program. His reading ability has advanced very quickly and we are all very happy. We are always encouraging him and purchasing books in the real belief that the whole language approach to reading is the best. Your program incorporates this philosophy as well as the important basic phonics to encourage reading skills. This was the best [dollar amount] I have ever spent. Thank you.” – Richard

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