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The most satisfying part of running the Great Literacy Challenge has been the great emails we have been getting from parents. Alison told us about her son in Year 1 who was already developing a dislike of reading because he was making too many mistakes. His first session on Reading Eggs lasted over three hours and only ended when Alison told him to take a break. He has now completed all 40 lessons and kept doing each quiz until he earnt a Gold Certificate. This demonstrates a couple of great aspects of computer based learning; kids don’t worry about making mistakes as it is fun to try again and they are willing to spend more time on task than they would on paper based activities.

Tiina also told us a great story about how a child in her son’s class raved about how good Reading Eggs was and soon the whole class had logged on. Tiina also got her four year old twins at home onto Reading Eggs and it became a great link between the son who was at school and the twins at home. Dozens of teachers have already approached us to use Reading Eggs with their whole class so we are working to make it easier for teachers to use the program at school.

To have a look at some of the other feedback we have been getting have a look at our testimonials section here.

Just a reminder about our ‘tell a friend’ promotion. We are giving $1 to the Childhood Cancer Research Institute of Australia for every new user who uses the free access code DRF35XLP. Pass it on!

Happy Eggsploring,

Matthew Sandblom

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