Map 8 Is Ready To Play

Dear Parents, Teachers and Eggsplorers,

Map 8 is up and ready to play! Map 8 has more than 100 different parts including new story books featuring Meg the hen and nonfiction books about animals.

In this map’s lessons there are lots of new activities including Shooting Stars, Buzzy’s word machine, Animal Farm, I read, You read, and City Zoo. We meet 10 new critters including Penny Drop, Jet set and Wrecking ball.

Map 8 marks the end of level 2. The level 2 books will be available in late June 2009 from ABC shops and all good booksellers.

We will now focus on building the exciting new ABC Reading Eggs World for our many keen Eggsplorers. The new ABC Reading Eggs World will include a whole new range of destinations for children to eggsplore including their very own house, Reggie’s shop, The Story Factory, Puzzle Park and Storylands. There will be more new games to play, books to read, lessons to complete and fun to be had so make sure you keep up the great work of learning to read at ABC Reading Eggs.

Happy Eggsploring from the Team at Reading Eggs.

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