10 more lessons added to Mathseeds!

We’ve just released 2 brand new maps to Mathseeds, each with 5 exciting lessons!

Map 12 takes children to the Prairie, where they can add a hawk, mole, bison, antelope and prairie dog to their pets. Map 12 includes lessons 56-60, where children build their subtraction skills with a variety of counting strategies to subtract from 10, including using the cover up method and a number line. Children also learn the days of the week and how to read digital and analogue clocks. The concept of area, position and movement are also introduced. Measurement concepts are extended as children learn everyday language to determine whether objects are near, far, nearer or further.

Map 13 takes children to the Rainforest, where they can add a monkey, toucan, alligator, anteater and sloth to their pets. Map 13 includes lessons 61-65, where children are introduced to fractions, including whole numbers and halves. Children are also taught to sort, describe and name 3D objects. Money is also introduced, and in lesson 65 children are taught how to add to 20.

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