The NEW ABC Reading Eggspress is here!

We are excited to announce the highly anticipated release of our NEW ABC Reading Eggspress – the highly engaging online literacy program for ages 7 – 13.

The new and improved research-based program provides a more structured, enriching and rewarding learning experience for students in years 2 – 7, and is now compatible with the iPad and other tablet devices!

ABC Reading Eggspress follows on from ABC Reading Eggs, and follows the same map-by-map format, covering essential comprehension, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills.

Children can progress at their own pace with highly interactive one-on-one reading lessons and a balance of literature and informational texts. The new program features simpler navigation on all devices, hundreds of new library titles, and access to detailed assessment reports to track learning progress.

ABC Reading Eggspress also includes a brand new English Skills section, with 216 spelling lessons and another 120 grammar lessons set to be released in 2016. The new spelling lessons teach students to recognise common spelling patterns, generalisations, and strategies, using a combination of videos, interactive activities, rewards-based games, and hundreds of printable activity sheets.

Your child can earn trading cards, trophies, and rewards as they progress through the lessons, which they can later use to purchase fun arcade games and items for their own avatar and in-game apartment. They can also enjoy live games in a multiplayer arena, where students can compete against their classmates, school or other students from around the world. The Stadium includes four different arenas where students can select to test their skills in spelling, vocabulary, grammar, or usage.

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